News | 11/08/2023 Liebherr looks back on 20 years of successful partnership with the ITTF

The Liebherr Group was honoured for its 20-year partnership with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) during the top-class table tennis tournament "WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023".

In 2003, as main sponsor of the ITTF World Championships in Paris, Liebherr laid the foundation for a successful collaboration that has significantly shaped the sport of table tennis. Since then, Liebherr has sponsored table tennis events worldwide, including World Championships, World Cups and World Tour events in Germany and Austria.

ITTF President Petra Sörling and the CEO of World Table Tennis (WTT) Steve Dainton emphasised the uniqueness and importance of the partnership between Liebherr and the ITTF. "The ITTF is exceptionally proud of the partnership with Liebherr which has become an integral part of the table tennis family and has supported us throughout our journey", Sörling said. Dainton added: "It is a rare occurrence in both business and sports to maintain such a lengthy and meaningful relationship. This reflects the shared values of ITTF and Liebherr."

Kristian Küppers, Head of Communication and Brand Management at Liebherr Group, expressed his thanks: "Liebherr takes pride in its history with table tennis and the two-decade-long relationship with the ITTF World Championships. Our gratitude goes to President Sörling and Steve Dainton for their ongoing collaboration."

Both Liebherr and the ITTF are looking forward to continuing their work together through the shared passion for table tennis.