Press releases | 08/03/2017 Liebherr L1-24 fast-erecting crane customers delighted with its performance

The latest hydraulic fast-erecting cranes from Liebherr are already delighting their owners. A number of L1-24 cranes are already travelling from one site to the next. And they provide a whole host of benefits to customers.

The crane drivers at Klippert Bau GmbH are pleased with their new hydraulic fasterecting crane.

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An L1-24 with a radius of 25 metres building a detached house in Nordhorn in Lower Saxony

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Lower Saxony joinery company Buscher und Ennen GmbH, for example, has already used the L1-24 to build detached houses – particularly for the joinery work. Managing Directors Dirk Buscher and Bernd Ennen are delighted with the crane: It is very smooth-running and efficient.

Henry Harmsen, Managing Director of Jowi Bau GmbH, goes a step further: He says he has never had a better crane. He also uses the L1-24 with a radius of 25 metres to build houses.

Klippert Bau GmbH also uses the L1-24 for general house building. Its crane drivers enjoy working with the machine: "The crane is very quiet and precise. I simply don't want to work without the infinitely variable speed control ever again", says crane driver Eckhard Gosink. The precise, smart control system is essential, particularly for hoisting prefabricated ceilings. Overall it feels very safe to operate.

The L1-24 has also been in action building a detached house in Werfenweng, Austria. It provided support in particular for the shuttering, concreting and joinery work. The building contractor, Josef Kaiser Bau GmbH based in Grossarl, was also extremely satisfied with the crane's work – and the transport and assembly work also went smoothly.

The Liebherr L1-24 combines modern design, power and compact dimensions with a high safety level. It is available with either a 25m or 27m radius and a max. load capacity of 2,500kg. There are two ballast versions available – simple standard concrete ballast or full steel ballast which can be carried on the crane. This means that the operator has no additional transport or assembly costs.

With a slewing radius of just 1.9m, the new hydraulic fast-erecting crane from Liebherr is extremely adaptable on constricted sites. Thanks to the flexible support base, the crane's footprint can be reduced to less than 4m. This means that there is often no need to close roads.

Its control equipment makes the Liebherr L1 easy to operate and safe to drive. The crane driver has several support functions such as Micromove fine positioning mode, oscillation damping and the operating range limiting system to help him with his work. These all enhance site safety.


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