News | 01/13/2022 Liebherr Indonesia’s established service leads to customer satisfaction

Liebherr Indonesia's commitment to provide the utmost quality of service has satisfied PT Hillconjaya Sakti (Hillcon), a new customer operating in Sebuku Tanjung Coal, South Kalimantan.

Hillcon and Liebherr Indonesia’s synergy during the handover ceremony at the Sebuku Tanjung Coal mine.

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Hillcon is one of Indonesia's nickel and coal mining contractors and operates for PT Sebuku Tanjung Coal in Kota Baru, South Kalimantan. Hillcon has recently acquired its first Liebherr R 9200 mining excavator. As a new customer, Hillcon is now experiencing the outstanding service of Liebherr Indonesia.

Liebherr Indonesia has been maintaining a positive relationship with Hillcon from the very beginning. This is reflected in the ability of the Liebherr technicians to establish thorough communication and collaborative teamwork with the Hillcon team on a daily basis. Agus Joko, Hillcon’s superintendent mentioned, “We are truly grateful for the technicians from Liebherr who were able to impart their in-depth knowledge to us in a comprehensive manner”. He further added, “This allowed us to understand the machine's operational techniques and how to proceed with troubleshooting”. Thanks to the on-site technicians from Hillcon and Liebherr, the assembly was effortless and completed as planned. Agus Joko, explained, “We are impressed by the Liebherr technicians who give top priority to safety and quality during the assembling process”.

“We would not have been able to make the project a success without the Hillcon team, who proactively provided dynamic communication and support when needed”, said Rusdi, a technician of Liebherr Indonesia, during the machine handover ceremony at the Sebuku Tanjung Coal mine. Hillcon is convinced that this fruitful project will open up further prospects for Liebherr Indonesia in the future.