Press releases | 01/21/2019 Liebherr increases machine presence at World of Concrete 2019

Liebherr USA, Co. Concrete Technology and Construction Equipment division invites attendees to take a look at the L 538 wheel loader, 50 M5 XXT and 37 Z4 XXT truck mounted concrete pumps.

Liebherr 37 Z4 XXT truck mounted concrete pump truck

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This year Liebherr USA, Co. Concrete Technology division shows more of its product range, with the display of two concrete pumps, the 50 M5 XXT and the 37 Z4 XXT. 2018 was a successful year for the Concrete Technology division with a large increase in new pumps put into service in the U.S. and Canada. Liebherr’s customer, Diversified Concrete Pumping based in Wilmington, NC purchased their first two new pumps from Liebherr USA, Co. Concrete Technology division and will be on display at Liebherr booth C6277 in central hall.

The 50 M5 XXT on display at World of Concrete integrates the latest technologies and capabilities, lowering the overall weight and optimizing product dimensions. It is the largest unit of the truck mounted concrete pump product range offered by Liebherr. The multi-folding five section boom is extremely easy to operate with perfect kinematics. The alternating pipework close to the boom ensures uniform movements over the construction site. With a vertical reach of 161 ft. (49.1 m) and a horizontal reach of 146 ft. (44.4 m), the compactly designed concrete pump provides outstanding working ranges. The slewing ring and drive are proprietary components that play a crucial role in its performance.

The 50 M5 XXT features a powerful pump unit that delivers an output of up to 213 yd³/h. Two of these variants are long-stroke versions with a conveyance stroke of 2,000 mm, which is particularly smooth and efficient.

37 Z4 XXT Concrete pump

The 37 Z4 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump is equipped with a high-performance pump unit which delivers a maximum flow rate 180 yd³/h (138 m³/h). These powerful Liebherr pump units are known for their distinctive smooth running. Smooth changeover of the S-pipe is facilitated by the hydraulic cylinder with end-of-stroke damping.

The 37 Z4 XXT pipeline is configured close to the boom on the left and right-hand sides, guaranteeing a balanced weight distribution. The curved pipe of the concrete pipeline exiting the bucket has a large radius of 10.8” (275 mm) ensuring minimal losses in pressure over the length of the distributor boom. The 37 Z4 XXT joins the ranks of several 37 meter pumps currently working in the U.S and Canada.

Innovative XXT outrigger system

All of the Liebherr concrete pumps feature the patented XXT narrow support outriggers, which are extremely stable and warp-resistant. The front and rear support arms are affixed directly to the distributor boom pedestal, which directs the forces from the boom into the supports directly without deviations. All four support arms are pivotable and enables high flexibility and an extremely wide working range for the distributor boom on narrow supports. This is an added benefit on construction sites with limited space.

Chassis from various truck manufacturers can be used as the underbody for Liebherr truck mounted concrete pumps. In addition, Liebherr offers the 37 Z4 XXT mounted on a Mack Granite GU-8 Conventional chassis for the US market. The concrete Technology division delivered the first of this body style in quarter four of 2018.

A high pressure cleaner makes cleaning easier and a pneumatic hose end air cuff prevents concrete from running out when the pump unit is stopped. A wide range of optional accessories and equipment are available for the 37 Z4 XXT and the 50 M5 XXT. Customers can choose from additional storage compartments, a modular water tank or additional steps on the left hand side.

Concrete Technology Solutions

The launch of the 50 M5 XXT in the U.S. is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding product portfolio of Liebherr truck mounted concrete pumps. The Liebherr Concrete Technology division provides a diverse range of concrete technology solutions, including the development and manufacturing of high-quality truck mixers, mixing plants and concrete pumps. The range is complemented by additional concrete products, including conveyor belts for truck mixers and plant control systems. Together these products are designed for cost-effective, trouble-free mixing, transportation and installation of concrete. In addition, a development specifically for the North American market, Liebherr offers a MTS, mobile twin shaft mixer, which allows customers to transform their dosing plant into a wet batch plant within a very short time. The MTS is the ideal solution for road and mass concreting jobsite requirements.

More than 60 years of experience in development and manufacturing has established Liebherr as a globally-renowned provider in the concrete production sector.

L 538 Wheel loader

The L 538 is a highly versatile machine suitable for a multitude of applications. These machines can be used in many capacities; from concrete applications to earthmoving or material handling through the use of different attachments. This generation of mid-size wheel loaders are well-known as powerful, reliable and efficient all-rounders. The three models comprising the new generation of mid-size loaders are: the L 526, L 538 and L 546.

This wheel loader features a standard z-bar linkage, achieves a tipping load straight of 22,705 lb (10,300 kg) at an operating weight of 30,645 lb (13,900 kg), is powered by a 153HP (l) / 114 kW Tier 4f diesel engine and equipped with a 3.4yd3 (2.60 m3) quick hitch re-handling bucket with bolt on cutting edge.

Increased productivity and high fuel economy

The proven and efficient hydrostatic driveline provides fuel savings of up to 25% in comparison with wheel loaders of the same size class. The Liebherr Power Efficiency system (LPE), optimizes the interaction between drive components by adjusting the engine for every working situation, delivering maximum power at low engine speeds, enhancing the efficiency of the wheel loader. Liebherr offers numerous application-specific solutions to increase versatility.


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