Press releases | 12/17/2015 Liebherr inaugurates its new commercial offices in Chile

The new commercial offices of Liebherr in Chile were inaugurated in October 2015, and many important customers as well as employees were present for this event.

The new facilities allow Liebherr to provide commercial service for customers of all divisions of Liebherr Chile SpA. They include: Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Maritime Cranes and Mining. The ability to see all customers in one place provides a direct, immediate, constant and continually growing link to each and every customer. The opening was led by Dale Clayton, Mining Division Director, Rainer Bleck, Director of Mobile Cranes, and Cédric Babec, Director of Administration and Finances. Joachim Janka, President of Liebherr Mining Equipment and Member of the Board of Management of the Mining division, was also present at this event.

Liebherr Chile was founded on June 28, 2000. In the beginning, it was named “Liebherr América Inc. Chile Limitada”. Liebherr began its project at Chuquicamata that same year, set up on patio 40 with several containers for spare parts and offices brought from the United States. “The company had sold three T 282 A trucks to Codelco, which gave us the opportunity to enter the Chilean market, “said Cédric Babec.

Thanks to the pioneer spirit of the employees, starting in 2000, and their ability to solidify an important project, the fruits of their labors are seen 15 years later. The new 980 m² offices in Santiago gather all who work together for the future of the company.

Although the current market conditions have not been ideal, with low commodity prices and a general economic slowdown, the Mining division was able to deliver important news. The awarding of a new and important contract with Codelco-Chuquicamata has provided a good outlook that adds to the positive expectations for future mining investments. In spite of the current situation, this is very positive news for the Liebherr Group.

“Our new commercial office in Santiago is a positive indicator in spite of the adverse market conditions. This new office is an important signal of our commitment to future growth with our current customers as well as future customers,” Dale Clayton stated.

During the inauguration, guests had the opportunity to tour the new facilities and witness speeches and a ribbon cutting ceremony. The directors thanked guests for their attendance, and highlighted their importance for the Liebherr Group, and the work they have been developing in Chile since 2000.

The Liebherr office in Santiago is located on Avenida Nueva Tajamar 555, 18th Floor of the Costanera Tower. The office building is part of an important business and financial industry sector and where the Liebherr Group expects growth in its future projects.