News | 04/01/2023 Liebherr Group appoints new President and Vice President to its administrative board

Liebherr-International AG is pleased to announce it has made two new appointments to its administrative board. On 1 April 2023, Jan Liebherr will take over as President, with Stéfanie Wohlfarth becoming the new Vice President. Dr. h.c. Willi Liebherr and Dr. h.c. Isolde Liebherr – the previous holders of these positions – will remain members of the administrative board. This transfer of further responsibility from the second to the third generation of the family shareholders is another step in the generational change in the company’s management.

The active family shareholders (f.l.t.r.): Jan Liebherr, Stéfanie Wohlfarth, Sophie Albrecht, Philipp Liebherr, Patricia Rüf, Johanna Platt, Isolde Liebherr and Willi Liebherr.

All the representatives of the family shareholder’s third generation, including Jan Liebherr and Stéfanie Wohlfarth, are long-standing members of the administrative board and have a great deal of experience in managing the Liebherr Group. Together, they stand for continuity, stability, and reliability. They ensure the Liebherr Group continues to be led as an independent family-run company based on values such as a long-term orientation, responsibility, solid management, pronounced customer proximity, and high technological competence.

The administrative board of Liebherr-International AG is the Group’s highest management body. It is made up of family members and decides on all fundamental questions of corporate, development, and product policy as well as financial and investment policy. The active family shareholders in the administrative board are the siblings Dr. h.c. Willi Liebherr and Dr. h.c. Isolde Liebherr as representatives of the second generation, and Jan Liebherr, Stéfanie Wohlfarth, Sophie Albrecht, Patricia Rüf, Johanna Platt and Philipp Liebherr from the third generation.

Liebherr-International AG, located in Bulle (Switzerland), is the parent company of the Liebherr Group.