Press releases | 06/15/2016 Liebherr Group’s turnover in the 2015 business year reaches a total of 9,237 million €

Liebherr’s total turnover in 2015 was 9,237 million €, the highest figure in the Group’s history and an increase of 414 million € or 4.7 % compared with the previous year.

Developments in turnover according to region

Business developed quite differently in the various sales regions: in Western Europe, the most important of these for Liebherr, an increase in turnover was recorded. Among the contributing factors were positive developments in Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Sales revenue dropped, however, in France, the Group’s third-largest market. Turnover increased in volume in America and in the Far East / Australia region, and Liebherr also enjoyed a satisfactory year in the Near and Middle East. A downturn was recorded in Eastern Europe and on certain African markets.

Developments in turnover by product areas

Liebherr achieved growth in the construction machinery and mining area and also in the area comprising maritime cranes, aerospace and transportation systems, machine tools and automation systems, domestic appliances, components and hotels. Turnover from construction machinery and mining equipment, including the earthmoving, mining, mobile cranes, tower cranes and concrete technology divisions, rose by 330 million € or 6.2 % to 5,624 million €. Sales revenue in divisions not included in the construction machinery and mining area rose by 84 million € or 2.4 % to 3,613 million €.

Results for the business year

In 2015 the Liebherr Group recorded a surplus of 294 million €, 22 million € below the 2014 figure. The operating result was slightly above the previous year’s level. The financial result was lower, primarily because of negative exchange-rate influences.


In 2015 the workforce increased slightly: at the end of the year, Liebherr employed 41,545 people, 706 or 1.7 % more than at the end of 2014.


The Liebherr Group has always put emphasis on investing in its production facilities and in the international sales and service network. Last year, investments totalled 751 million € and thus maintained the existing high level. Offset against this figure was depreciation valued at 448 million €.

The 2016 Business Year

Global economic development in the current year will probably be similar to 2015 with approximately the same rate of growth as in the previous year in both industrial countries and emerging markets.

In the current year, the Liebherr Group expects the turnover to be at the previous year’s level. It will continue to invest considerably in its international production sites and its sales and service network. There will again be a slight increase in the numbers of employees at the Group’s companies.

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