News | 05/03/2018 Liebherr gas engine portfolio premiering at G-Power 2018

Liebherr features its megawatt-class engine G9620 at G-Power 2018

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From 3 to 5 May 2018, Liebherr Components premieres at the International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition (G-Power) in Shanghai (China). Within the framework of the show, Liebherr presents its gas engine portfolio to the Chinese genset as well as combined heat and power (CHP) market. The high performing gas engines by Liebherr fulfil the demands of decentral energy supply plants and are optimally designed for non-stop operation in combined heat and power units, biogas plants or gensets. As a highlight at the show Liebherr features its megawatt-class engine G9620.

Megawatt-class gas engine G9620

Liebherr now enters the megawatt market: The 20-cylinders gas engine G9620 features a displacement of 48.7 litres, over 44% mechanical efficiency and the power output of 1,070 kWm at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

The G9620 includes integrated air filters, on-engine Liebherr ECUs with calibrated datasets and a new water-cooling concept. This simplifies the work of packagers and allows greater flexibility in applications. The engine design follows the concept of a 'ready to run' solution. The number of connections (water circuits / the electrical or electronic connections) are limited to a minimum. All these readily combined functions greatly reduce the amount of time and efforts for the integration of a G9620 engine into cogeneration units. Moreover, it guarantees OEMs the matching subcomponents. On developing the product, Liebherr puts special focus on an optimised lifecycle and operation costs to create the highest costumer advantage.

The G9620 is available in two basic versions - a 'high efficiency' and 'high response' versions - so that it is able to fulfil either continuous operation with a high demand on efficiency or island operations with higher load steps and variations.

Moreover, the G9620 suits for flexible application with natural or bio gases, which differ in energy values as well as methane numbers. This flexibility is possible mainly thanks to the on-board electronics by Liebherr steering all essential engine functions.

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