Press releases | 04/25/2017 Hannover Messe 2017: Liebherr further expands its cylinder portfolio

  • Servo-cylinders for high-dynamic applications
  • Portfolio expansion through industrial cylinder series per ISO 6022

Liebherr presents its expanded portfolio in the area of hydraulic cylinders at Hannover Messe 2017. The high-dynamic servo-cylinders as well as industrial cylinder series per ISO 6022 offer various possibilities for deployment in diverse application areas.

Servo-cylinders from Liebherr for high-dynamic applications.

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Industrial cylinder series from Liebherr per ISO 6022

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Smooth-running and robust cylinders along with smart measurement technology: the deployment possibilities are many and varied, extending from mobile applications through to industry. The broad range of cylinders includes, for example, new industrial cylinders as per ISO 6022 along with additionally-optimised servo-cylinders. For the automation of cylinder movements, Liebherr has developed the smart LiView® position transducer system. The unique mode of operation of this system offers many advantages of usage.

Servo-cylinders for high-dynamic applications

The high-dynamic servo-cylinders from Liebherr are designed especially for applications requiring high speeds, precise control and the utmost reliability. This makes the cylinders ideal for use on test benches, in the tool industry, and in forming operations. The servo-cylinders stand out in particular through their smooth-running, friction-optimised operation and service-life endurance. To achieve all this, Liebherr first of all uses a single-piece piston rod in conjunction with a bronze-coated piston. The cylinders are also equipped with specially-adapted seal systems. The leakage oil discharge provides for higher density of the system during short high-frequency cylinder operations.

If identical extending and retracting speeds are required, the servo-cylinders can be provided as synchronous cylinders. Otherwise, they are available as differential cylinders. The high-dynamic cylinders can be tailored to individual customer needs with servo-valves, inductive switches, pressure monitoring, accumulators, damping and position transducer system.

Industrial cylinder series per ISO 6022

With the cylinders of the ISO 6022 industrial series, Liebherr is expanding its existing product portfolio. The installation dimensions and fastenings of the series correspond to standard specifications, yet selected details offer customers the highest degree of flexibility and individuality for every application. For example, Liebherr offers suitable standard seal sets for mineral oils and biodegradable oils, along with special seal systems for low-flammability or heat-resistant hydraulic fluids. A broad spectrum of piston rod coatings and finishes is also available for the cylinders. These can be optimally integrated in machine tools, automation and manufacturing technology solutions and applications for the automotive and steel industries. Depending on requirements, they can be fitted with the LiView® position transducer, end position damping, proximity switches or pressure sensors, along with measurement connectors and ventilation.


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