Press releases | 03/14/2023 Liebherr further expands its axial piston portfolio

  • The Liebherr components product segment expands its axial piston portfolio by two hydraulic pumps with nine nominal sizes
  • The Liebherr double motor DMVA offers flexibility combined with high power density

At this year's Conexpo, Liebherr presents its expanded axial piston pump portfolio along with the successful high-speed DMVA double motor.

DPVO 550i – on the pulse of current affairs with new nominal sizes of open circuit pumps.

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LH30VO100 – the newest member of the pump family.

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DMVA 165-165 – high power density and flexibility in control.

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Liebherr expands the existing product portfolio of open circuit pumps by the nominal size of 550 and as a double pump by the nominal size of 1,100 cc (1,100 cm3). Moreover, the new nominal size of 100 adds to the LH30VO family.

DPVO 550i – on the pulse of current affairs with new nominal sizes of open circuit pumps

The mining and industrial sectors, as well as maritime applications place increasing demands on the availability and longevity of machines and technology. In order to keep up, the components product segment at the site in Bulle (Switzerland) is enlarging its product portfolio of open circuit pumps by the nominal size of 550, which can also be used as a double pump of 1,100 cc (1,100 cm3).

"Like all pumps in this product family, the DPVO 550i is characterized by a particular robustness. In the view of digitalization, this product is ready to incorporate various sensor technologies", explains Guillaume Bonnetot, General Manager Systems at Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar SAS. "We look forward to seeing Liebherr’s components in use in our own machines".

LH30VO100 – the newest member of the pump family

Modularity is the signature trait of the LH30VO family with nominal sizes of 28, 45 and 85. Liebherr is further pursuing this approach with the inclusion of the nominal size of 100 cc (100 cm3). Among other things, the LH30VO100 consists of a modular system of eight controllers with a variety of combination options. The variable drive-through concept allows the selection and addition of further pumps, when installing them on the machine. In doing so, Liebherr-Components fulfills the growing demand for products with a high degree of flexibility. With all its nominal sizes, the entire LH30VO pump family offers a wide range of applications from mobile machinery and stationary hydraulics, for primary work functions to secondary applications, such as in fans, auxiliary drives or steering systems.

DMVA 165-165 – high power density and flexibility in control

The Liebherr axial piston double motor DMVA product family features a swash plate design for the use in open and closed circuit. It is especially popular for use in winch and drilling drives. Thanks to its back-to-back design, the two smaller rotary groups allow for significantly higher speeds as compared to a larger rotary group. Both swashplates can be swiveled independently or parallel to each other. The common connecting plate, in turn, makes the piping installation much easier. George and Peter Allpass of Alpine Logging based in South Africa, the manufacturer of cable logging winch systems for the timber industry worldwide, explain: “One of the advantages of the DMVA double motor is its impressive maximum speed. The inverse piston design with a swivel angle of 22° is very efficient and has a high power density, making it ideal for applications that require a wide conversion range. Not only does the product perform with great reliability, but the support and service by Liebherr are above our expectations.”

With these additions to the product portfolio, Liebherr is on par with current and future user requirements.


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