News | 08/27/2020 Liebherr for Liebherr: Lindenberg production staff are lending a hand to Deggendorf

Patrick Trost and Andreas Fink from Liebherr-Aerospace are currently on site in Deggendorf.

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Liebherr for Liebherr: Lindenberg production staff are lending a hand to Deggendorf

“At Liebherr we help each other, especially in such challenging times as these!” Ulrich Thalhofer, head of Human Resources in Lindenberg, has supported the initiative from the get-go. Due to the increased order volume and the introduction of a continuous shift model at Liebherr-Components in Deggendorf, there has been an additional need for personnel in production. However, this does not apply to all Liebherr locations: Looking at Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg for instance, many employees are still on short-time work.

Facing the challenges at hand, HR managers on both sides have considered lending employees to each other as a welcome solution to the underlying problem: “It was key to us to make sure we can achieve a balance in capacity as soon as possible, especially for the said employees. In order to familiarise themselves with the new working environment and the production processes in detail, the first employees arriving in Deggendorf from Lindenberg were on site in no time”, says Thomas Listl, head of Human Resources in Deggendorf. The one crucial thing that made such an easy transfer possible was the outstanding qualification of the staff at both locations. With the help of digital communication platforms and conversations held beforehand, it was possible to coordinate the exchange in advance.

Eight employees from Lindenberg are currently working in Deggendorf, another six employees will join them in September. The exchange is purely optional and is individually limited from ten to thirty weeks. “This represents a great opportunity to look beyond our own backyards and gather new experiences within the group for all of us. Furthermore, it’s just a wonderful feeling to be able to share one’s expertise with our colleagues facing current bottlenecks in production”, say Andreas Fink and Patrick Trost, who are two of the transferred employees from Lindenberg helping out.