Press releases | 04/23/2019 Liebherr featuring powerful wheel loader and high-precision wheeled excavator at Waste Expo 2019 in Las Vegas

  • L 556 XPower wheel loader is most innovative machine in the class
  • Versatile A 914 wheeled excavator is well suited for waste industry work

Liebherr USA, Co. Construction Equipment is displaying the high performance L 556 XPower wheel loader and the A 914 Litronic wheeled excavator at Waste Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 6 through May 9, 2019.

Liebherr L 556 wheel loaders working in a waste management environment

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The touchscreen in the A 914 controls many key machine functions

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The innovative Liebherr-XPower driveline on the L 556 XPower wheel loader offers reduced operating costs, lower fuel consumption and increased working efficiency that allows the machine to maneuver in the toughest waste industry conditions. The Liebherr-XPower driveline achieves a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption when compared to conventional travel drivelines. The XPower driveline also brakes automatically. Because the service brake acts only as a support, it is subject to minimal wear.

The Liebherr L 556 XPower wheel loader on display at Waste Expo 2019 Booth 976 features Liebherr’s full guarding package. The package adds safety and value by protecting vital areas on the machine, including the tilt cylinder, windshield and lighting. The loader features particle protection and an air pre-cleaner; this combined with the optimal placement of the cooling package prevents debris contamination in the cooling components.

Wheel spin on the Liebherr L 556 wheel loader is prevented through continuous tractive effort control of the XPower driveline; combined with automatic self-locking differentials, tire wear is reduced by upwards of 25 percent. Accessing the engine on the L 556 XPower is safe and easy because critical maintenance points on the machine can be reached quickly, leading to faster turnaround times.

Operators will find a roomy, ergonomic cab design that exceeds their day-to-day requirements. This sets the ideal conditions for comfortable and productive work. The machine’s controls are easily accessible and user-friendly and this comfort allows the operator to work efficiently and safely.

The A 914 Litronic delivers precision movements, safety and comfort

Liebherr has set a new standard with the A 914 Litronic wheeled excavator. It has high traction, and a 143 horsepower engine that provides fast acceleration and outstanding lifting capacity. A short rear swing radius makes this machine ideal for sites where the excavator will work in close quarters. Many years of experience in developing and producing hydraulic excavators enables Liebherr to coordinate every component and system on the machine.

The result of this is evident every day: Liebherr hydraulic excavators deliver rapid, fluent and precise movements. Joysticks enable the operator to intuitively and easily control the hydraulic system to complete challenging tasks quickly.

Buttons on the joysticks, which the operator can configure, deliver additional convenience and functions. In fact, the optional joystick steering function enables the operator to steer the wheeled excavator. Working and travelling movements can be executed simultaneously using the mini-joystick.

A wide range of equipment, such as pipe fracture safety devices on lifting and stick cylinders, load holding valves on outriggers, lift limitation in height, overload warning device, a roll-over protection system (ROPS) and an emergency exit through the rear window deliver maximum safety for every job.

Operators are often in machines for hours at a time and the A 914 provides a comfortable working environment, which improves productivity and efficiency. Liebherr equips the A 914 with a standard automatic air conditioning system to ensure the operator’s comfort. The temperature, fan setting and all air vents can be adjusted through an intuitive touchscreen. Fogged up windows can quickly be cleared with the touch of a button, and the filter for the cab air can be changed from outside.

The A 914 is also has features that help the machine take care of itself. They include a reversible fan that can blow dust free from the radiator and protective screen. The fan operates on adjustable time intervals or the operator can reverse the fan on demand. An automatic central lubrication system greases the upper carriage and attachments at intervals set by the operator, which avoids damage caused by infrequent lubrication. This is especially helpful for maintaining equipment longevity in an environment like waste management, where machines may operate eight hours a day, six days a week.

In addition, an optional Liebherr radio is MP3-compatible, has a USB connection and can be used as an interface for a hands-free kit. If the machine operator connects a smartphone to the radio using Bluetooth, the touchscreen can be used to control all media in the machine – the radio, MP3 or phone calls.


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