News | 04/19/2017 Liebherr expands its portfolio with tapered roller bearings

Liebherr tapered roller bearings fulfil the highest requirements in terms of precision and load capacity.

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To access further market segments, Liebherr Components has been manufacturing tapered roller bearings since 2016. As a pilot product, the company produced a tapered roller bearing of considerable dimensions right from the start. The large bearing for a specific project has a diameter of over six meters and weighs 32 tonnes. The bearing consists of three individual rings, made from high-alloy quality steel. Both induction-hardened raceways are fitted with tapered rollers, enabling the transfer of a radial load of several thousand tonnes.

The tapered form of the rolling elements ensures optimum rolling characteristics. The play-free bearing mounting makes the tapered roller bearing particularly suitable for the highest precision and load capacity requirements. The rolling elements are conveyed precisely in the raceway by bronze or brass cages. Depending on the application, appropriate seal concepts are available from Liebherr. Along with lip seals, shaft seals can also be deployed, if needed. This prevents dirt penetration and ensures optimum lubrication throughout the entire period of use. Grease lubrication and oil lubrication are both possible for the tapered roller bearings.

Tapered roller bearings by Liebherr