Press releases | 08/08/2017 Liebherr expands Generation 6 crawler loader range and premieres new LR 626

  • Engine management with proactive power adjustment
  • Travel drive with freely selectable ECOmode
  • Modern comfort cab with newly-developed operator's workstation
  • Centralised maintenance points

Liebherr is expanding its series of Generation 6 crawler loaders with the addition of the new LR 626 Litronic crawler loader, which is the successor to the LR 624 crawler loader.

The new LR 626 is successor to the successful LR 624 crawler loader. It was developed and constructed at Liebherr's Telfs plant and has an operating weight of between 16,130 and 18,600 kg. The standard bucket has a capacity of 1.8 m³ and its four-cylinder diesel engine produces an output of 105 kW / 143 HP and complies with Tier 4f emission standards.

To achieve this, Liebherr has developed its SCR technology to use an injection of AdBlue® and a diesel oxidation catalyst. A diesel particulate filter is not required. As a result, the engine operates in a temperature range of maximum efficiency. The constant engine speed, combined with common rail fuel injection, ensures optimised cylinder charging and guarantees lower fuel consumption.

Optimal performance and economy

In common with the larger Liebherr LR 636 crawler loader, the new LR 626 crawler loader has electronic drive control with integrated ECO function. The selectable ECO-mode allows the driver to lower fuel consumption by reducing the engine speed at the push of a button and still maintain high power. In this way, the ECO control ensures more efficient operation with light to moderately heavy use.

Another innovation in all Liebherr Generation 6 crawlers is the proactive power adjust-ment. This involves the constant monitoring of the engine and all other machine parame-ters. When required, such as the deflection of the joystick, the engine power is automati-cally temporarily increased according to the current requirements.

In addition to faster response times, this results in a noticeable increase in the perfor-mance capability and pulling power for the machines, both when driving and when load-ing.

In order to maximise the conversion of the LR 626’s engine power into performance, optimal weight distribution was an essential part of the design. Thanks to this and the long running gear, the new machine offers an especially high tipping load and therefore an increased loading capacity.

The hydrostatic travel drive’s compact components allow for a particularly low centre of gravity. Due to the low engine oil sump on Liebherr's diesel engine, this is suitable for gradients of up to 45°. This enables Liebherr crawler loaders to drive on challenging steep slopes safely and efficiently.

Innovative design and maximum driver comfort

With a striking design, characterised by flowing lines and soft edges, the new LR 626 crawler loader immediately stakes its claim to being at the forefront of innovation in this machine category. The modern overall appearance is carried through into the operator's cab. The windscreen, which is made from a single piece of safety glass, follows the driver's line of vision across the entire arc of the loading bucket and allows for an unob-structed view of the working area and operating equipment. The new machine design also provides perfect panoramic views.

The comfortable cab with generous dimensions, numerous storage areas, a refrigerated storage compartment and an air conditioning system fitted as standard, rounds off the exceptional driving comfort of this new crawler loader. All the new Liebherr Generation 6 crawlers have the touch screen display for Liebherr earthmoving machines. This enables the clear and intuitive setting of key operating parameters. This includes the ECO func-tion, for example, as well as comfort functions including the standard rear-view camera or the air conditioning system.

The driving range preselection integrated in the driving joystick means that three differ-ent driving speed ranges can be freely programmed. This enables the LR 626 to be op-timally adapted to diverse operational requirements.

Efficient operating equipment

With this new successor model of crawler loader it was also possible to increase the response speed of the operating equipment. The more efficient, demand-driven working hydraulics and the automation functions integrated into the single lever control, including ‘automatic bucket return’, ‘float position’ and ‘stroke limit stop’, guarantee particular speed and efficiency in use.

When the running gear was developed in a robust box-type design, special attention was paid to the vibration behaviour and smooth running of the LR 626. This ensures that the bucket’s high fill level can be maintained when transporting material and that the machine is suitable for levelling. The running gear has pendulum suspension and anti-vibration mounting. This compensates for uneven ground and particularly good ground contact can be achieved which, in turn, increases the climbing power and stability on uneven terrain. And thanks to the new arrangement of the carrier rollers, it has been possible to optimise the self-cleaning effect of the running gear.

Unique manoeuvrability

Manoeuvrability and ease of operation are particularly important for everyday use of a crawler loader. The LR 626’s predecessor was already setting standards with just one joystick for all driving and steering movements.

The ‘turn with opposite chains’ function is automatically implemented by the LR 626 if a sufficiently tight turn has to be made. As a result, the machine achieves outstanding manoeuvrability. This allows the machine to achieve maximum performance, even when cornering, when the bucket is full and when driving over unfavorable ground conditions.

Easy servicing

Centralised maintenance points, a hydraulically-tilting operator's cab as standard, gull-wing doors that open wide, maintenance-free bucket pins and the design of the running gear create unrivalled ease of servicing and minimise maintenance costs. The standard folding fan makes it easy to clean the radiator. Long service intervals for the main com-ponents, for example the diesel engine and hydraulic system, keep service costs down.

Based on the latest communication technology, Liebherr’s standard fleet management system LiDAT provides comprehensive machine operating information. This enables economical management of the machines, optimised operational planning and remote monitoring. Depending on the subscription, the data can be updated multiple times throughout the day and this data can be called up at any time using a web browser. For particularly important information, such as the machine leaving a predefined zone or in the event of critical operating conditions, an automatic alarm system can be set up.

Extensive range of equipment and applications

An extensive range of equipment is available for the LR 626 to round off the package. For the front end of the machine this includes standard loading buckets, 4-in-1 buckets and waste attachment grilles. Equipment options for the rear of the machine include the three-tooth rear ripper or winch. This makes the new Liebherr crawler loader a compre-hensive compact loading unit even on uneven terrain. Applications for the LR 626 range from classic earthworks, gardening and landscaping, quarrying and forestry work through to special applications such as tunnel construction or distribution and compact-ing of household waste.