News | 04/08/2019 Liebherr employees celebrate Bauma kickoff together

On Sunday, around 1300 Liebherr employees together celebrated the eve of Bauma 2019. Stéfanie Wohlfarth and Jan Liebherr, on behalf of the family shareholders, thanked all of the employees worldwide who contributed with their commitment to making the appearance of the company at Bauma possible.

Employees from every continent traveled to Munich to represent Liebherr at Bauma. At the Liebherr trade fair outdoor booth, they tuned themselves to the beginning of the most important trade fair for construction machinery.

Stéfanie Wohlfarth and Jan Liebherr opened the kickoff event at the Liebherr booth. They welcomed the employees on behalf of the Liebherr family and thanked the teams from around the world for their commitment to the presence of the company at Bauma. Neither the innovations, nor the Liebherr booths, nor the company would be possible without the employees. They are the driving forces behind everything that makes up Liebherr. In the next few days, at the booths, customers and partners will be able to get to know not just products, but also the company and the people that are behind the products.

The two family shareholders also discussed why the Liebherr appearance at Bauma was under the motto “Together. Now & Tomorrow.” The “Together” should emphasise that Liebherr is a dependable partner for its customers and for its employees. The “Now” refers to the latest technologies and the high-quality products that Liebherr is presenting at Bauma. The reference to “Tomorrow” is to remind us that Bauma is a showcase for the future. The “&” should bring everything together: Liebherr and its customers and employees, today and tomorrow, partnership and quality and innovation. It also symbolizes the various divisions of the company group.