Press releases | 08/30/2017 Liebherr Domestic Appliances and British Tech Company Smarter to launch cooperation in intelligent food management

The German refrigeration and freezer manufacturer Liebherr has entered into a partnership with the connected home start-up Smarter, who provide their wireless technology. This partnership was announced today at IFA Berlin 2017, with both companies in attendance showcasing the partnership and new technology.

Liebherr technology already enables customers to control their fridges at anytime from anywhere. As a result of the cooperation, technical expertise and high quality hardware from Smarter, customers can now take a look inside their fridges from their phone or tablet even when they are not at home.

The wireless FridgeCam™ makes the products stocked in the fridge visible by recording images. The object recognition software then creates a stock list of the food stored. This provides customers with many advantages. They can easily maintain an overview of the groceries in stock, create shopping lists and avoid buying the same item twice due being unaware of fridge contents.

In its joint mission to connect homes, Smarter’s patented new product, the FridgeCam can now be sold with every Liebherr SmartDevice-enabled fridge. This modular system allows both partners to accelerate their market share of the connected home by providing this technology to their customers.

The FridgeCam™ completes the package in being able to offer customers a fully automated shopping experience. Like the Liebherr MIA speaker, that allows customers to use voice recognition to create the shopping lists, the FridgeCam is linked to the Liebherr SmartDeviceBox. This technology provides access to a more individual customer care service as well as receiving important information from the fridge.

Steffen Nagel, Managing Director Sales of Liebherr Domestic Appliances:

“In this partnership with Smarter, we combine the durability and efficiency of our appliances with Smarter’s patented technology to accelerate Liebherr’s position in the connected home. The modularity of the FridgeCam™ enables Liebherr to offer a totally new customer experience adding value as the intelligence of our appliances grow over time. We are excited to be working with Smarter as the leading connected kitchen start-up and look forward to the future.”

Isabella Lane, Managing Director of Smarter

“We are pleased to announce Liebherr as our first partner for the Smarter FridgeCam. By providing our technology to a leader of quality home appliances, we can enhance and change the way people shop, benefiting millions of customers.

Liebherr are a forward thinking company and they share our vision of a smarter future. This collaboration cements both companies position in the connected home whilst revolutionising a long established industry.”

About Liebherr Domestic Appliances

Liebherr - Europe’s largest privately-owned refrigeration manufacturer - was established in 1954. Today, more than 2.2 million appliances leave various production plants every year. The brand has developed into one of the market leaders in the domestic and commercial appliance sector and is a symbol of quality all over the world.

Liebherr, a global leader in premium refrigeration, is a family-owned company based in Germany. With 63 years of experience in cooling, Liebherr sets the pace with continuous product innovation and a proactive approach to responsible manufacturing.

About Smarter

Smarter is an award winning connected home company based in London. Founded in 2014 it is now one of the leading technology providers to the appliance industry, supplying major retailers all over the world. Smarter is changing the way we live and shop by using technology to save time, money and energy.