Press releases | 07/20/2020 Liebherr delivers its 100,000th truck mixer

  • Liebherr started its truck mixer programme in Bad Schussenried in 1967
  • Today Liebherr manufactures its truck mixers at 5 locations: Germany, Brazil, China, Thailand and Saudi Arabia
  • All locations between them have now reached 100,000 units produced

Liebherr handed over its hundred thousandth truck mixer in spring 2020. It is a HTM 905, which was picked up by the company Heinz Transportbeton Ingolstadt GmbH & Co KG. The management of Heinz had come personally to the Liebherr factory in Bad Schussenried for this special pick-up.

Handing over of the 100,000th truck mixer.

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Heinz Transportbeton Ingolstadt GmbH & Co KG has been a loyal Liebherr customer for around 45 years. The 12 truck mixers in their fleet as well as the ultra-modern mixing tower type Betomat are made by Liebherr. Heinz started 45 years ago in 1975 with a Liebherr Betomix 50 and has been convinced of Liebherr quality ever since. In addition to ready-mixed concrete, Heinz is also successful in the building materials trade and earthworks sectors.

Advantageous: Generation 5 truck mixers

The milestone machine is a HTM 905 - 5 stands for new generation - with 9 m³ nominal volume. Generation 5 offers a whole host of advantages over its predecessor: The truck mixer empty weight could be reduced by approx. 180 kg, which increases the available payload accordingly. During development, Liebherr paid particular attention to cleaning of the truck mixer. Edges that are susceptible to dirt have been rectified and smooth surfaces have been created. The result is lower susceptibility to dirt and reduced cleaning effort.

The optional Litronic-EMC drum controller from Liebherr controls the diesel engine speed according to need when loading and unloading. The constant speed drive prevents unnecessary drum rotations during the journey. This saves fuel and reduces wear. Furthermore, the Litronic-EMC increases safety by preventing operator errors such as changing the direction of rotation suddenly. In addition, the rear control unit can be switched off during the journey so that operation by unauthorised people is thus not possible.

Improved ergonomics, increased safety

The innovative platform concept in the new truck mixer generation 05 provides flexible attachment options for accessories. Storage compartments, holders or extension chutes can be installed in various positions. Optional equipment can also be installed subsequently. All controls have been configured to be extremely user friendly.

The concrete transfer chute on the new Liebherr truck mixers can be completely swung out to the side without protruding over the outside of the vehicle. This makes discharge into large concrete buckets and access for cleaning work easier. The transfer chute is offset by around 120 mm upwards, which improves the flow angle when transferring the concrete.

The storage locations are now installed slightly lower on the vehicle in order to make removing the extension chutes easier. The new ladder platform provides more space, and the extension ladder is made of aluminium, is lighter and can be operated easier.

The new angled steps and the enlarged platform make working on the new truck mixer's upper vehicle rear easier. The railings have a larger diameter for a better grip. The water capacity in the mixing drum was increased. This prevents the drum's contents spilling out when transporting fluid consistencies in particular.

As a complete supplier in the field of concrete technology, the Liebherr range includes truck mixers, conveyors for truck mixers, concrete pumps, concrete mixing plants, mixing systems and residual concrete recycling plants.


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