Press releases | 04/18/2017 Liebherr crawler excavator R 926 in action during coastal repair work on the island of Texel

  • Liebherr crawler excavator R 926 with multi-user equipment
  • Flexibility, reliability and environmentally friendly: key factors in coastal regions
  • Dros works daily to conserve the coast of Texel

A new Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator has been deployed on the Dutch island of Texel since September 2016. The excavator is used by Dros during coastal repair work, for building dams and canals, as well as for pumping applications.

In the Netherlands it is often difficult to work in coastal regions with construction machinery. The machines need to be extremely stable and mobile to operate efficiently on loose and often flooded ground. On the island of Texel in the northwest of the country, the company Dros Grondverzet must take into account these particularly adverse conditions. In 2016 the company purchased a Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator with a range of 13.50m and multi-user equipment, specially developed and manufactured by Liebherr, in order to meet the challenges of this difficult work environment.

The Liebherr crawler excavator R 926 has a new diesel engine with exhaust gas treatment system, Liebherr SCR technology and urea injection, which conforms to the latest emission standards Stage IV / Tier 4f. The engine output is 140kW / 190HP. The excavator is also equipped with a robust WLC travel mechanism with wide track and base plates of 1000mm. With a counterweight of 7.5 tonnes, the operating weight of the R 926 amounts to approx. 33 tonnes.

The Dutch company decided on multi-user equipment with 7.60m mono boom and 5.20m stick. Thanks to its large range, the Liebherr crawler excavator R 926 can handle diverse requirements and be deployed for typical work involved in the repair of the coast of Texel.

The quick coupler saves valuable time when changing working tools and enables different activities to be performed at the operation sites. In addition to other tools, a conventional bucket for earthmoving work with a filling volume of 1.5m³ is often used on several of the company's construction sites.

Flexible and reliable for coastal applications

Dros Grondverzet is constantly on the lookout for machines which are suitable for the construction of dams and canals and for pumping applications on the island of Texel. Versatility, flexibility and reliability play an important role here. In order to comply with current environmental requirements, especially on an island such as Texel, the latest generation of machines must conform to the emission standards of Stage IV / Tier 4f.

The Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator with multi-user equipment is the ideal solution for the different types of Dros’s applications. The company, which has a long-standing relationship with Liebherr, has been very happy with two previously purchased crawler excavators, the R 914 C and the R 924 Multi-User. This excellent track record consequently led to the purchase of the new R 926.

Werner Dros, owner of the company, clarifies that Liebherr was chosen on account of the good quality of the earthmoving machines. The machines must not malfunction whilst in operation at the coast and working within the constraints of tide times. Compared to other manufacturers, the Liebherr machines have always proved very reliable, even in the most challenging and demanding conditions, during which the smallest mishap or glitch can have significant consequences.

The particularly good relationship with the local Liebherr representative Wynmalen & Haussmann, well-known in the Netherlands for its first-class service and know-how, also contributed to the decision in favour of Liebherr. The expertise and fast availability of spare parts on site were also important factors. The Liebherr machines are the preferred choice of the Werner Dros operators who are very satisfied with their excellent manoeuvrability. They particularly appreciate the comfort of the operator's cab.

The company Dros Grondverzet: a local player

The company Dros Grondverzet was founded in 1980 and is located in Oosterend on the Dutch island of Texel. The company currently employs around 20 staff and has 8 earthmoving machines from Liebherr, including three wheeled excavators and five crawler excavators, in its fleet.

The local company is primarily involved in dam and canal construction to protect the coast of Texel against flooding. It is also successful in demolition work, pumping applications, road construction, transport and agriculture. 90% of the company's business activities take place on the island.