News | 09/23/2016 Liebherr Components with blade- and jaw adjustment solutions for wind turbines at the WindEnergy 2016

Liebherr component solutions for pitch- and yaw adjustment in wind turbines.

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At the world's leading expo for wind energy in Hamburg from the 27 to the 30 September, the Liebherr Components division will showcase its expertise in the field of pitch- and yaw systems for both off- and onshore wind turbines.

The components division of the Liebherr Group will demonstrate its competence and vast engineering experience in the development and production of component solutions for electromechanical and hydraulic rotor blades as well as yaw adjustment in wind turbines.

On its nearly 100m² large exhibition stand, Liebherr presents, among others, the advantages of implementing roller instead of ball bearings as pitch/ blade bearings. Depending on the specifc applications, it can increase the blade bearing capacity up to 30 %, compared to a ball bearing with the same bolt circle diameter. Alternatively, the solution enables the use of a reduced blade bearing diameter without sacrificing capacity as compared to a ball bearing system. Depending on the specific case, up to 25% in rotation resistance can be reduced as well.Another highlight is a possible future solution for wind turbine manufacturers to increase flexibility and reduce costs by considering the entire value chain through modularization. At the upcoming exhibition, Liebherr will present the concept study to the broad public for the first time. The concept study focuses on yaw systems consisting of a yaw bearing, yaw drives, a lubrication and a break system and a pipe segment as a slewing unit for the next-generation wind turbines.

As a strong partner in the wind power industry, Liebherr Components offers a suitable solution for a wide range of applications. For over 20 years, Liebherr has been developing components such as gearboxeas, large diameter bearings, electric motors and hydraulic cylinders for rotor blade adjustment and yaw adjustment systems for wind turbines. Due to its extensive engineering experience, Liebherr is able to supply all the components for such systems. The product range extends from components for 800 kW installations to solutions for multi-megawatt turbines for offshore wind farms. The application-specific engineering for adapting and matching the individual components to the individual requirements of diverse turbine platforms is an important element of the worldwide cooperation with customers.