Press releases | 01/18/2018 Liebherr completes the new Stereoloader® range for Intermat 2018

  • The Revised range includes four Stereoloader® models with an operating weight of 5.5 to 9.2 tonnes
  • The larger models L 514 and L 518 have been available since summer 2017
  • The largest loader at Liebherr’s Intermat stand is the sturdy L 576 XPower®

Liebherr completes the latest Stereoloader® generation at Intermat 2018. It is comprised of four wheel loaders with an operating weight of 5.5 to 9.2 tonnes. Two models in the new range will be celebrating their world premiere at the fair. Liebherr’s stereoloaders® have stood for safety and reliability for over two decades. The name of these wheel loaders refers to their unique stereo steering, which combines the advantages of different steering systems. Liebherr's stereoloaders®, measured over the outer edge of the equipment, consequently offer a significantly smaller turning circle than other wheel loaders in this size category.

The stereo steering is a perfectly balanced combination of articulated steering and a steered rear axle. The articulated steering system helps the machine operator control the attachment more accurately. This is important if the machine operator has to make adjustments with a loading fork when picking up a pallet. In addition, the articulated pendulum joint compensates for uneven ground surfaces and ensures high levels of driving comfort. The steered rear axle allows Liebherr engineers to reduce the tilt angle of the Stereoloaders® to 30 degrees with consistently high manoeuvrability. As a result, the Stereoloaders’® centre of gravity remains in the middle, even when transporting heavy loads. It is a unique way to increase stability all round.

Stereoloaders® L 514 and L 518 on the market since mid-2017

In the summer of 2017, Liebherr unveiled the larger models L 514 and L 518, the first two units from the new stereoloader® range. The L 514 Stereo is suitable for community services and road construction, and is a reliable helper for a wide variety of applications. The larger L 518, a completely new model in Liebherr’s wheel loader range, is designed for industrial use. It may be used, for instance, for operation with solid rubber tyres in recycling.

Both wheel loaders are powered by a 76 kW/103 hp diesel engine (emission stage IV/Tier 4f). The standard bucket sizes are 1.5 cubic metres for the L 514 and 1.7 cubic metres for the L 518. With an operating weight of 8,860 kilograms, the new L 514 offers a considerable tipping load of 5,750 kilograms, ensuring a high level of productivity. This also applies to the L 518, whose operating weight (9,190 kilograms) and tipping load (6,550 kilograms) are also a well-balanced combination.

For applications involving longer travel distances, Liebherr offers the new Stereoloader® models as a “speeder” version upon customer request. In this version, the machines are capable of higher speeds. This helps operators save time and efficiently transfer their Stereoloader® from one job to the next.

New Stereoloader® operator's cab sets new standards

Comfort and safety were key aspects when developing the new operator's cab. Thanks to the generous glazed areas, it resembles an uncluttered cockpit. Outstanding visibility in all directions ensures a high level of safety. The tilted windscreen proves to be practical in everyday work, as it gives the operator an optimal view of raised equipment. Further intelligent details – such as the hinged window, which the operator of the wheel loader can open 180 degrees – improved comfort.

For the new stereoloaders®, Liebherr attaches particular importance to simple and self-explanatory operation. With this in mind, the control elements are laid out in an ergonomic and purposely designed manner. The new stereo cab, which offers a large amount of space, looks clean and clearly structured. Smart solutions create a working environment in which the operator is in good hands. Take for example the Liebherr operating lever built into the driver’s seat to move along with it, the adjustable steering column or the individually adjustable display.

More Liebherr wheel loaders at Intermat

The largest wheel loader at the Liebherr trade fair stand is the L 576 XPower®. At the heart of this almost 26-tonne wheel loader, which meets the requirements of emission stage IV/Tier 4f, is the innovative power-split XPower traction drive. It combines a hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for short loading cycles, with a mechanical drive, which in turn shows its benefits when covering long distances and ascents. The combination of both types of drives in a wheel loader ensures maximum efficiency to meet all requirements and offers exceptional fuel savings.

Liebherr will be presenting further exhibits from its wheel loader range to professionals visiting Intermat. Two such exhibits are the L 506 Compact, which is known as a practical and safe all-rounder, and the reliable L 538 from the mid-range. In addition, Liebherr will be showcasing the L 550 from the wheel loader series for less emission-regulated markets, which is designed for use in countries outside Europe and North America.