Press releases | 12/17/2015 Liebherr Chile SpA receives the 2015 annual safety award from Aprimin

Highlighting the highest standards of safety in mining operations, the Association of Industrial Suppliers of Mining (Aprimin), presented the annual award in the safety category of companies with more than 1,000,000 man-hours worked during January to December 2014 to Liebherr Chile SpA.

The award was presented during Aprimin’s 12th annual dinner. The event was attended by government authorities, senior executives of mining companies and representatives of the companies associated with Aprimin.

The award demonstrates the permanent effort that Liebherr Chile SpA has made in its mine site operations and its concern for the safety of its workers. Liebherr thus meets the standards required by the mining industry in Chile, doing a responsible job concerning social and environmental aspects, allowing to fully comply with the obligations that are required in the mining industry.

Liebherr employees consider safety an important core value within the pillars that sustain their daily work. This allows them to obtain an excellent result from a job well done. The protection of human life is the main value for the company and its partners.

For Liebherr "it is a great honor to receive this important recognition for the first time. It underpins our work as a company in the field of process management in recent years. We have been working towards it and now we have achieved it, improving our indicators thanks to excellent work”, said Walter Cabrera, Manager of Safety and Occupational Health of Liebherr Chile SpA.

The award was received by Liebherr Chile SpA’s managing directors, Cédric Babec, Director of Finance and Administration, Walter Cabrera, Manager of Safety and Occupational Health and Arnoldo Juleff, Mining Commercial Manager.