News | 06/17/2015 Liebherr Chile SpA receives recognition for human resources development in mining

At the German Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards seven young men received their certificates in technical and mechanical training from Liebherr Chile SpA.

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In recognition of their work, the Human Resource Department of Liebherr Chile SpA was the subject of an Award given by the German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the category technical and dual training in April.

The technical training model implemented by Liebherr Chile SpA enables young unemployed people or those with few opportunities for training, the chance to develop electrical and mechanical technical skills under the tutoring and supervision of a master guide. This dual training concept combining practice and theory has been especially developed by the company.

In accordance with its needs, the company defines the technical profile and behavior of each trainee. It then undertakes the process of recruitment and selection, as well as continually preparing and reviewing the training plan. The last project was created in collaboration with ICES - Escondida Mining and Industrial Training Center, which teaches theory. The practical part was then undertaken by Liebherr teaching guides. Recognition was also given to the role of these teachers, employees of the company especially selected for this task due to the competence in working with young trainees. With a strong commitment to education, these individuals are qualified in technology and human resources.

By providing expert training to young people in a formal and dedicated process, the company is the path to creating a loyal and committed workforce from grassroots. Liebherr Chile SpA retains approx. 50% of those trained. The other 50% have received high-calibre training and are open to new opportunities on the market.

The innovative dual training program helps to make a contribution to decreasing unemployment and crime, as well as helping to bring about change in the future of many vulnerable families in Chile.