Press releases | 08/12/2014 Liebherr at the NordBau 2014 trade fair

  • At Liebherr's large open air stand (Nord N143), measuring 800 m², numerous examples of the latest construction machines will be on show.
  • At the NordBau 2014 trade fair, Liebherr is presenting five wheel loaders, one crawler tractor, three crawler excavators, three wheeled excavators and one material handling device as well as a truck mixer and two fast-erecting cranes.
  • Since the world première in the early part of 2014, the fast-erecting crane 53 K is being presented in Neumünster for the first time to a German audience.

At the construction machine trade fair, NordBau 2014, in Neumünster (Germany), which runs from 10th to 14th September, the Liebherr Group will have a total of 15 construction machines on show from the latest range. At a large open air stand (Nord N143), measuring 800 m², Liebherr offers trade visitors a cross section from its range of earthmoving and material handling equipment. Two Liebherr dealers are also presenting Liebherr tower cranes and truck mixers at their stands.

The new Liebherr crawler excavator R 926 with an operating weight of 26 tonnes

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Liebherr wheel loader L 566 with Z-kinematics

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Liebherr material handling machine LH 22 M with mobile undercarriage

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At NordBau 2014, Liebherr is presenting the fast-erecting crane 53 K for the first time at a trade fair in Germany

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Crawler excavator R 926

Liebherr is presenting the crawler excavator R 926 at the NordBau 2014 trade fair. With an operating weight of 26 tonnes, it is the successor to the R 926 Classic and Advanced models. The Liebherr diesel engine returns 129 kW / 175 HP of power and, as with all power units of the latest equipment generation, complies with the IIIB / Tier 4i emissions standards. To achieve this, it is fitted with a particulate filter with active/passive regeneration that cleans the exhaust gases effectively.

As with all exponents of the new crawler excavator generation, the R 926 is integrated with Liebherr crawler system technology. This intelligent system enables a particularly fluid and fast work flow. The technology is based on a positive control hydraulic system, which is controlled by Liebherr electronics. The positive control hydraulic system, comprising two independent circuits, ensures that optimal use is made of the energy, not just for single movements but also superimposed ones, too.

The cab of the R 926 offers a very comfortable, spacious and secure working environment. This is supported by the standard air conditioning, the standard roll-over protection system (ROPS), the ergonomic layout of the controls as well as the touchscreen display and keyboard with intuitive operation.

Two-way excavator A 922 Rail with LIKUFIX

With the 22 tonnes two-way excavator A 922 Rail, Liebherr is presenting a special machine at the NordBau 2014 trade fair for deployment on road or rail. It is available with optional 4-point supports and, depending on the intended work area, can be supplied with a rail-track undercarriage for broad-gauge rail systems or a friction drive wheel for narrow-gauge systems. Also optionally available: a 3.40 m long luffing boom or a boom that can be repositioned laterally, in this case 3.60 m long. There are also dipper arms 1.85 m, 2.05 m, 2.25 m or 2.65 m long that have been specially designed for work below overhead wires.

The A 922 Rail will be presented at the NordBau trade fair with the optional LIKUFIX quick-change system. This makes it possible to change hydraulic tool attachments quickly and securely from the cab. When Liebherr attachments such as the tilt-rotator, ditch-cleaning bucket, clamshell grab or electromagnet, LIKUFIX achieves a significant increase in productivity.

The A 922 Rail obtains its power from a 110 kW (150 HP) Liebherr D 834 diesel engine that complies with Stage IIIB exhaust emission legislation and was developed in cooperation with MAN. The machine is fitted as standard with preparation for the Liebherr particulate filter system, which includes an oxidation catalyst and a silencer module. In place of the silencer module, a particulate filter module can also be installed easily. If a silencer module fitted, the thresholds of the IIIB emissions standard are, of course, likewise kept in check.

Crawler tractor PR 736

At the NordBau 2014 trade fair, Liebherr is presenting the new crawler tractor PR 736 with an operating weight of 20 – 25 tonnes. It is from the Generation 6 crawler tractor range, first presented in 2013, whose primary concept involved measures to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions. The new Generation 6 models feature an electronically-regulated travel drive with an integral eco-function. The driver can choose between high performance potential and maximum economy; the system automatically selects the most favourable settings for economic operation of all travel-drive components. Proactive power control is another innovation. When a higher level of thrust is selected via the joystick, this influences the control management of the travel drive settings actively and prepares the powertrain for the higher performance demand. As well as responding more rapidly, the new machines offer a definite increase in performance potential.

Like all Liebherr crawler tractors and loaders, the PR 736 has hydrostatic transmission. This efficient driveline keeps engine speed at an almost constant level. The power train components and Liebherr’s intelligent engine management are ideally matched together for high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Compact loader L 506 and L 508

The striking thing about the compact loader modules L 506 and L 508 is their low construction height at less than 2.5 metres. In this way, the centre of gravity of the machines is automatically low which results in a high tipping load with the highest possible stability – even on uneven terrain. The low construction height and compact design also make the compact loader very flexible; the machine fits through every tunnel and underpass. Transport on a tipper vehicle or in a high cube container is also possible without trouble. If moved on a conventional transport vehicle, the maximum height does not exceed four meters.

Large wheel loader L 550 Industrial and L 566

At the NordBau 2014 trade fair, the wheel loader L 550 with industrial lift arms is equipped with a 6 m³ light material bucket with cutting edge. In its standard version, the machine weighs 19,000 kg and has a tipping load of 9,900 kg.

The L 566 IIIB weighs in at 23,150 kg in the standard version and is equipped with a 4.00 m³ excavator bucket with teeth and overflow plate. The machine is driven by a 6-cylinder diesel engine, which returns 190 kW / 259 HP of power, and has a tipping load of 15,750 kg.

Material handling machine LH 22 M Litronic

At the NordBau 2014 trade fair, Liebherr is presenting a LH 22 M material handling machine with sorter grabber. The machine on show represents Liebherr's series of small material handlers of types LH 22 to LH 26 and is available not only with a wheeled undercarriage but also with a crawler track undercarriage. The unit on display has a straight 5.5 m long industrial monoblock boom, a 3.5 m long industrial arm with tipping kinematics as well as a Liebherr sorter grabber of type SG 25 with a capacity of 0.55 m³. Equipped in this way, the LH 22 M Litronic is configured optimally for recycling and sorting tasks.

With a weight of about 21 tonnes, the material handling machine LH 22 M Litronic is also extraordinarily powerful despite its compact dimensions. The turbo-charged four cylinder diesel engine with charge air cooler returns 100 kW / 136 HP of power at 1800 rpm. In combination with a higher pump delivery volume, the increased engine performance results in a greater material handling output. The exhaust gases are cleaned by means of a maintenance-free oxidation catalyst. The service-orientated layout of the machine guarantees short maintenance periods and minimises the associated maintenance costs.

Truck mixer HTM 904 on Mercedes Arocs

At the NordBau stand of the Liebherr factory dealer, Feurig Baumaschinen GmbH, the Liebherr truck mixer HTM 904 will be shown on a four-axle Mercedes Arocs 3240 B chassis. The vehicle on show is equipped with the Litronic-EMC electronic mixer control system. The HTM 904 offers a maximum capacity of 9 m³ of set concrete.

Compared with the mechanical control system, the Litronic-EMC electronic mixer control system reduces fuel consumption and wear considerably. With one hand, the driver can operate the controls with infinite variability via the ergonomic lever. This occurs intuitively, which means that priority can be given to maintaining visual contact with the discharging process and construction site. The driver sets the desired drum speed and direction of rotation. There is no need to worry about the diesel engine speed as this is set automatically by the intelligent control system according to the requisite oil volume. Using a button on the upper side of the lever, the drum can be stopped quickly and without negatively affecting the system, or the stored direction of rotation and speed can be reactivated (memory function).

Première in Germany: The fast-erecting crane 53 K

The Liebherr factory dealers, Feurig Baumaschinen GmbH from Hamburg (Germany) and Friedrich Niemann GmbH & Co. KG from Kiel/Kronshagen (Germany), will be presenting the fast-erecting cranes 53 K at the NordBau 2014 trade fair. Since its world première in Switzerland at the start of this year, customers have shown great interest in this new fast-erecting crane.

The new design of the 53 K, a fast-erecting crane of the 50 mt category, is based on the successful concept from the K-series and closes the gap between the 42 K.1 and the 65 K. The new fast-erecting crane with framework construction and improved erecting kinematics offers performance, variability and safety on the building site.

With a maximum load bearing capacity of 4,200 kg, the crane was designed for conventional structural engineering and is well suited for the construction of apartment houses with up to eight floors. The automatic 2/4-rope reeving system offers the user the means of reeving the ropes optimally for maximum lifting speeds at all times.

The 53 K has a maximum hook height of 31 m and is therefore a class leader in the 50 mt crane category. Furthermore, with the 20° boom position the maximum hook height can also be increased to 43.1 m. With horizontal booms, the 53 K can be configured with seven different hook heights between 15.8 m and 31 m. If the crane is extended to a maximum of 40.0 m, it can lift 1,100 kg in 2-rope operation and 1,000 kg in 2/4-rope operation. By simply shortening the boom to 28 m, the maximum load bearing capacity at the top can be increased to 2,000 kg. With four possible boom lengths of 28 m, 34 m, 37 m and 40 m, the new 53 K can be deployed flexibly.


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