Press releases | 11/19/2019 Liebherr AR Experience – Digitalisation up-close

  • The first augmented reality app from Liebherr
  • Liebherr construction machines and Liebherr technology to feel, experience and understand
  • Available free of charge on all AR-enabled Apple and Android devices

Advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR) are gaining ground in Industry 4.0. Using the AR Experience from Liebherr virtual construction sites can be brought to life in a fun way. All that is required for this is an AR-enabled smartphone or tablet. After successful installation of the app on a mobile device, virtual worlds can be viewed any time, any place and from any perspective.

With the Liebherr AR experience, digital 3D data are projected onto your actual surroundings with the help of augmented reality.

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It reveals not only what is happening above, but also what is happening below the surface when a Liebherr piling and drilling rig is at work.

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The only requirement to enjoy the Liebherr AR experience is an AR-enabled device.

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The Liebherr AR Experience, which can be downloaded free of charge as an app on smartphones and tablets, projects digital 3D data onto your actual surroundings with the help of augmented reality. Three different virtual construction sites can be anchored on any horizontal surface in the room and viewed from all imaginable perspectives. Every desk, every windowsill, every bar counter or every floor can become the stage for the Liebherr AR Experience. Different scenes that run like a three-dimensional film can be played for each construction site. Here, the observers become the camera crew. Discovering the complete product range from Liebherr-Werk Nenzing that relates to material handling, lifting and deep foundation work becomes an experience, which can be repeated again and again from different perspectives.

Crawler crane, deep foundation machine and duty cycle crawler crane engineering and technologies can be experienced in a completely new way. Not only machines are in focus but also various assistance systems and digital solutions from Liebherr. Difficult, complex tasks are presented and explained, simply and comprehensibly. The app contains scenes and content relating to heavy lifts, material handling and deep foundation work.

Heavy lifts – LR 1300.1 – Crane Planner

Heavy lifting is a discipline that requires extremely precise preparation. Planning is of central importance here, in order to ensure the correct configuration is chosen right from the start. The app shows what Liebherr's LR 1300.1 crawler crane is able to achieve, as well as how safely even the heaviest loads can be moved.

Material handling – HS 8200 – LiSIM

Turnover, handling, winch capacity, setup times, transport – performance is measured in many ways when it comes to dragline operation. All parameters of Liebherr’s duty cycle crawler crane HS 8200 have been optimised to maximise performance potential. Using the augmented reality app, you can experience anywhere and at any time how the duty cycle crawler crane masters the extremely heavy dragline.

Deep foundation work – LRB 16 – LIPOS

More can be seen using the Liebherr app than in reality. It reveals not only what is happening above, but also what is happening below the surface when a Liebherr piling and drilling rig is at work. It is a new opportunity to experience the kinds of strength and precision that are simultaneously at play here.

The only requirement is an AR-enabled device. After a one-off download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, nothing can stand in the way of the AR Experience.


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