Press releases | 01/16/2018 Liebherr and KAMAZ start production of new diesel engines

  • Liebherr and KAMAZ complete the development of a new 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine family
  • The serial production of the mutually developed engines starts

Liebherr and KAMAZ celebrate the finalisation and the production start of the mutually developed 6-cylinder in-line diesel engines.

Liebherr and KAMAZ complete the development of a new engine series (from left to right: Willi Liebherr and Sergey Kogogin).

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On March 25, 2014 in Ehingen (Germany), KAMAZ and Liebherr signed a cooperation agreement for the development of a new range of 6-cylinder in-line diesel engines with the power output ranging from 300 to 520 kW (400 to 700 hp). In the course of three years, the KAMAZ engine production site has undertaken large-scale adaptations to facilitate the manufacturing of the new engines: production facilities for the machining of cylinder blocks and heads, as well as a state-of-the-art assembly line including test benches and painting area have been installed. In December 2017, the first components of the new engine KAMAZ 910.10 were manufactured and put onto the assembly line.

“In order to produce the most advanced range of KAMAZ vehicles an innovative approach behind our projects was required", - remarked the general director of the KAMAZ, Sergey Kogogin. "We are striving to optimise our product for customers and to enter new markets. The new powerful and reliable engines, which are based on advanced global technologies and created in collaboration with our partner Liebherr, who has extensive experience in development and manufacturing of engines for difficult climatic and operational conditions, will allow us to significantly improve the technical and consumer-oriented characteristics of vehicles and to build trucks that are safer for people and the environment".

In the process of engine development, special attention was paid to the reduction of fuel consumption, optimisation of operational weight, improvement of reliability and extension of service lifetime. With a capacity of twelve litres, the new 6-cylinder in-line engine is equipped with a Common Rail system as well as an engine control unit (ECU) developed by Liebherr. Engines with similar configuration have successfully proven themselves in a variety of Liebherr machines. Some of the advantages of the new engine include a very economical fuel consumption and high environmental friendliness. As a result, the new engine complies with the Euro V emission standard and also provides sufficient capacity to comply with the requirements of Euro VI emission standard in the future. In addition, the engines’ service intervals have been increased to 150,000 km.

“Our companies have been cooperating for many years, starting from the moment of the development of production facilities for KAMAZ gearboxes. Therefore, it is a particular pleasure to be present at birth of a new engine, which is the direct result of the mutual hard work of the developers and engineers. The impressive, cutting-edge production and assembly line has been constructed exclusively for the new engine series. I would like to express special gratitude to all Liebherr and KAMAZ workers, who have made this project possible, and wish them success with the new engine", – remarked the president of the Liebherr Group, Willi Liebherr.

Today, all the new assembly lines are working in start-up mode. The industrial production of the 6-cylinder in-line engine will be launched at the KAMAZ production site in March 2018. The new line is designed to produce 12,000 powertrains a year. Within the framework of the project, 150 new workplaces have been created at KAMAZ. These engines will be on board the K5 KAMAZ trucks of the next generation, which are planned for production in 2019.


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