News | 10/28/2022 Liebherr and Grúas Cono Sur to cooperate in Chile under new Rental Partner Agreement

f.l.t.r.: Thomas Sonntag (Liebherr), Sergio Navarrete (Liebherr), Rodrigo Mizrahi (Grúas Cono Sur SPA), Stefan Brandt (Liebherr), Juan Edo Montt (Grúas Cono Sur SPA), Stéfanie Wohlfarth (Liebherr), Raúl Montt (Grúas Cono Sur SPA), Marco Guariglia (Liebherr), Mauricio Huerta (Grúas Cono Sur SPA) und Anna-Lena Denz (Liebherr).

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At Bauma 2022, the main executives of the Liebherr Tower Cranes welcomed the directors of Grúas Cono Sur SPA to sign a Rental Partner agreement for the Chilean market. In this way, customers from all over Chile will be able to benefit from more than 40 high-quality Liebherr rental equipments. The product range includes the EC-B and EC-H series with cranes from 2.5 tons to 20 tons of maximum load and up to 70 meters length of jib.

In this way, the Liebherr rental fleet will be able to supply the construction market with quality equipment with high lifting speeds and low energy consumption that gives high productivity and efficiency which the market requires.

Access to the Liebherr world

From now on, Grúas Cono Sur has access to the main Liebherr tools such as assistance services and training courses, which will allow continuous development of the chilean market.

A team with experience and Liebherr soul

Grúas Cono Sur team is made up of professionals with a Liebherr soul who, for more than 30 years, have participated in important construction and infrastructure projects. Theser include the assembly and operation of the Liebherr tower cranes used in construction projects such as the highest building in South America, the Costanera Center, which exceeds a height of 300 meters. Nowadays, Grúas Cono Sur participates in important bids, like Hospitals, in several areas in Chile with high success possibilities.