News | 04/06/2021 Liebherr Analytics in Service

Collected data help to improve services for the benefit of the customer.

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Liebherr Analytics is part of the extensive “Digital Transformation” project of Liebherr-Aerospace. With this tool, the company can expand the database of its products, especially by flight data provided by its customers, i.e. aircraft operators. These data flow into the further development of Liebherr’s analytical services, including for example predictive maintenance, improved data management as well as more efficient service for individual problems. The feedback on the behavior of Liebherr products in use is extensive.

The data platform "Artic" guarantees the customers data security and the agreed-upon use. It can collect and manage data of 1,500 aircraft. “To date, data from more than 300,000 flights of 300 aircraft have been collected to support the development of our digital solutions from which our customers will benefit,” explains Fabien Petit, Digital Transformation Vice-President at Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS. A first version of the platform is already operational and used at Liebherr-Aerospace’s Toulouse site in France to supervise the Airbus A220 fleet on a daily basis and to issue recommendations for the removal of bleed equipment to airlines. Furthermore, the tool is able to analyze data from the landing gear and flight control product lines developed by the OEM Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg (Germany).

With Liebherr Analytics Liebherr-Aerospace has taken a major step forward in its digital transformation strategy: the company will expand its range of services, focusing on health management and in particular predictive maintenance.