News | 02/03/2015 Liebherr-Aerospace Singapore Receives Appreciation Award from Republic Polytechnic School of Engineering

Award of the Republic Polytechnic School of Engineering to Liebherr-Aerospace Singapore

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Dr. Wang Jianguo, Director School of Engineering at the Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, presented Liebherr-Aerospace Singapore with the Appreciation Award during the open day on January 08, 2015. This distinction was awarded to the company for being a valued partner of the aviation industry as well as supporting the School’s internship program.

Liebherr-Aerospace Singapore began their support of the Republic Polytechnic internship program in April 2012. The students on the program are pursuing a diploma in Aerospace Engineering and are required to work at an aerospace company for five months in order to gain knowledge and experience in the industry.

Liebherr-Aerospace Singapore provides insights in aerospace operations to the students helping to prepare them for their entry into the aerospace industry after graduation.