News | 12/20/2016 Liebherr-Aerospace Regional Technical Workshops 2016 very successful

Attendees at Liebherr-Aerospace's Technical Workshop 2016

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The 2016 campaign including four regional technical workshops for Liebherr-Aerospace’s ATA 21, ATA 27, ATA 32 and ATA 36 components, which are installed on the Airbus A320 family, A330, A340, A350, as well as the A380, was a great success: More than 180 participants from 62 airlines, representing 58 % of the worldwide fleet of Airbus single-aisle aircraft, long-range aircraft, A350 and A380 were able to attend the sessions in cities hosting Liebherr-Aerospace Customer Services premises: Toulouse (France), Singapore, Saline, Michigan (USA), and Shanghai (China). The best score regarding attendance was achieved in China where all airlines were represented.

The main purposes of the workshops were to update the operators on the progress of the resolution of in-service issues, share the benefits of recently developed solutions, as well as preventive maintenance solutions, and collect direct feedback from customers having embodied the service bulletins on the efficiency of such solutions.

The customers particularly appreciated the detailed technical content and the possibility to share their experience with other airlines.The value of the workshops was again highlighted as a vast majority of the attendees said they would recommend taking part in Liebherr-Aerospace’s workshops which are being organized on a regular basis.