News | 03/01/2019 Liebherr-Aerospace receives three Best Supplier Awards from Embraer

Three awards for Best Supplier presented by Embraer to Liebherr-Aerospace

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During the 2019 Embraer Suppliers Conference held on February 28th in São José dos Campos (Brazil), a premiere happened: For the first time, Embraer presented three awards to one supplier and for Liebherr-Aerospace it was the first time in the company’s history, that it received a triple award.

Liebherr received the three Embraer Best Supplier Awards 2018 in the categories “Best of the Best”, “Program Development” and “Mechanical Systems”.

They recognize the outstanding commitment, dedication and customer orientation of the Liebherr team worldwide.

In his speech, Josef Gropper, Managing Director & COO at Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation Systems SAS, thanked Embraer for the awards and recalled a meeting with the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer: “During that discussion, we promised that Liebherr-Aerospace will become best supplier - and we kept this promise.”

Francis Carla, Managing Director & CTO at Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation Systems SAS, added: “Meeting the development schedule set by Embraer was a challenge and we thank Embraer for having worked so intensively together with our team so that we made it together.”

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH (Germany), Liebherr’s center of competence for flight control and landing gear systems as well as gears, gearboxes and electronics, and Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS (France), Liebherr’s center of competence for air management systems, develop, manufacture, supply and provide customer services for various systems and components to almost all programs of Embraer, incl. the E-Jet E1 and E-Jet E2 Family as well as the KC-390 program.