News | 03/06/2024 Liebherr-Aerospace participates in A&DSS 2024

Liebherr technology on board: The Boeing 777-9 – © Boeing

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Liebherr-Aerospace will showcase from March 12-14 its capabilities as a solution provider at the Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit 2024 (A&DSS).

The team of the first-tier supplier is looking forward to welcome numerous guests at the Liebherr booth in the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle (USA).

A&DSS is the perfect platform for Liebherr-Aerospace to emphasize the cooperation with its customer Boeing. With Liebherr’s liaison office in Everett, the company is ensuring a high proximity to the aircraft manufacturer and can provide a high level of support and responsiveness.

Liebherr supplies for example the folding wing tip actuation, high lift actuators, as well as the power drive unit and hydraulic motor for the leading-edge actuation system for the Boeing 777-9. For the Boeing 777 and 777-9 the company provides the main gear steering system and for the Boeing 787 the nose wheel steering remote electronic unit.