News | 09/02/2020 Liebherr-Aerospace: Environmental initiatives towards a greener future

One of the four insect hotels installed by LTS

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Solar panels on one of the roofs of Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse’s facilities

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Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Liebherr’s center of excellence for air management systems, takes several measurements towards a greener environment - some examples:

With a reduction of 34%, the company’s greenhouse gas emissions have dropped significantly since 2014 as a result of numerous changes such as the improvement of infrastructures or the use of electric cars on both company sites, Toulouse and Campsas.

Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse also aims to preserve biodiversity. Therefore, the company has created 575 m² of flowered fallow land to attract pollinating insects and thereon recently added four insect hotels and three beehives.

The company also organizes annual awareness days with one aim being to further encourage and support its employees to use alternative and environmental-friendly transports for their way to work.

Even more considerable energy saving effects are expected this year with the installation of a 650 m² photovoltaic rooftop.