News | 03/11/2021 Liebherr-Aerospace Digital Smart MRO - Remote Assistance Technologies

Liebherr-technicians in Shanghai and Singapore working on a test bench installation, while being connected with a member of the development team via data glasses

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The “Digital Smart MRO” initiative drives the transformation of the Liebherr-Aerospace MRO processes and organization in close cooperation with the development and production entities. Liebherr-Aerospace is continuously expanding its MRO capabilities and within this initiative, the company has started using remote assistance technologies.

The Liebherr-Aerospace team in Shanghai, for example, builds a new test stand for air management system components of the COMAC aircraft programs ARJ21 and C919. The team in China is supported by their colleagues of Liebherr-Aerospace in Toulouse (France), the OEM center of competence for air management systems.

Liebherr Singapore is currently commissioning a new high performance hydraulic test cell that will enable local test capability for Airbus A350 flap and landing gear actuators, as well as other hydraulic components. This process is closely supported by the team of Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg (Germany), the OEM center of competence for flight controls, landing gear systems, gears, gearboxes as well as electronics.

During the build-up of the test rigs, the teams in Asia and Europe stay in frequent contact and exchange real-time info by using smart glasses. These enable the employees to work on the object with both hands while being connected to their colleagues via a small display in front of the eye and a noise-canceling microphone. A camera positioned next to the eye allows keeping constant connection between the experts i.e. the instructor and the vision field of colleague working on the test rig.

Based on the consistently positive feedback received from the teams using the glasses, Liebherr-Aerospace is now working on making the glasses available to more employees at all of its locations worldwide and, in a further step, enabling their usage for communication with customers.