News | 10/23/2014 Liebherr-Aerospace Develops New Cabin Air Humidifying System for Dassault’s Falcon 5X

Liebherr-Aerospace supplies the cabin air humidifying system for the Falcon 5X

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Dassault Aviation awarded Liebherr-Aerospace the contract for the development, production and service of a new cabin air humidifying system for the Falcon 5X business jet.

The humidifying system will be integrated into the Falcon 5X air management system Liebherr won the contract for in 2013.

Liebherr-Aerospace’s next generation cabin air humidifying system is powered by engine bleed air, which guarantees an optimized use of energy. The humidifying system contributes to an increase in comfort for the passengers. In addition, the system features enhanced cabin air humidity rate control.

Liebherr-Aerospace will fast-track the development of the humidifier to deliver a flight-worthy system by the beginning of the Falcon 5X flight test program.