Press releases | 12/15/2021 Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil receives new Embraer approvals

  • Approval for mechanical assembly of components
  • Homologation of blasting process (Bright Shot Peening)

Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil entered on the approved suppliers list of Embraer to carry out the mechanical assembly and component blasting process. With the approvals, Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil increases its scope of supplying qualified services to Embraer and to other customers.

Bright Shot Peening process at Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil - © Liebherr

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Component assembly at Liebherr-Aerospace’s facility in Guaratinguetá (Brazil) - © Liebherr

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Liebherr-Aerospace and Embraer already have a long partnership that lasts for decades. But that does not mean that the scope of services is closed: Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil is constantly updating its processes to be prepared to meet the new Embraer’s and aerospace market’s demands.

Accordingly, Embraer included Liebherr in the approved suppliers list to carry out the components’ mechanical assembly process and also for sandblasting (Bright Shot Peening), enabling the supply of more complete products with machining, surface treatment and mechanical assembly. These new approved processes allow new possibilities also for other Embraer suppliers that can use Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil as a subcontractor, increasing the possibilities of Embraer’s local supply chain.

“Two components were used for the approval process. But we are not limited to that, as the approval covers the process. So from now on, we can offer and produce parts with bushing assemblies and other mechanical assembly components”, explains Patricia Lima, Sales Supervisor at Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil.

The assembly process of this standard generally includes cryogenic assembly activities (using furnaces and liquid nitrogen), with hand press use, sealant application and bushing reaming, with tools specially made for this purpose.

The sandblasting process, which is usually done by launching thousands of micro-particles on the piece, leaves it ready to receive painting and other finishes. In addition, it provides the product at certain points with characteristics that increase fatigue resistance.

Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil has vast experience within the Liebherr Group in manufacturing and assembling components for the aviation industry. The company based in Guaratinguetá (near São Paulo) specializes in machining, surface treatment, assembling and supplying products not only to Embraer, but also to other international customers.


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