News | 12/11/2019 Liebherr Aerospace Brasil Marks Its Presence at the 21st Annual SAE Brasil AeroDesign Competition

Mario Coelho, Liebherr Aerospace Brasil (on the left), applauds one of the successful participating teams in the SAE Brasil AeroDesign Competition 2019.

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The competition, in its 21st edition this year (October 24-27), attracted 95 teams of engineering students from 79 distinct institutions from all over Brazil, and from Mexico and Venezuela.

The students were tasked to build actual model airplanes that perform various highly specific tricks. There are three categories for this competition with varying degrees of complexity for challenges that the students need to creatively solve. The requirements mimic real-life problems that professional engineers actually face in a day-to-day scenario. Not only do these students have to build and showcase what their model airplanes can do, but they also have to be sharp on their interpersonal and communication capabilities, because a significant portion of the scores are based on these vital skills that often times are overlooked in the engineering and technology world.

This event is a remarkable spectacle of ingenuity and innovation, thus Liebherr Aerospace Brasil is proud to have a significant involvement with it as a sponsor.

Mario Coelho, Industrial Manager of Liebherr Aerospace Brasil noted that “it is important for us to partake in such events as the goal is to incentivize and foster the exchange of aeronautical design knowledge amongst the brightest and most self-motivated graduate students in the field. This event draws over a thousand high-caliber students from some of the top programs in our country and we feel honored to be part of this amazing event each year.”