News | 02/01/2024 Liebherr Aerospace Brasil manufactures 1,000th chassis for Rolls-Royce

Proud of the milestone reached: Employees of Liebherr Aerospace Brasil in Guaratinguetá have manufactured 1,000 chassis for the British customer Rolls-Royce. - © Liebherr

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Aerial view of Liebherr Aerospace Brasil. - © Liebherr

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The staff of Liebherr Aerospace Brasil reached the milestone in two-shift operation. - © Liebherr

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Liebherr Aerospace Brasil has recently reached a great milestone: the production of the 1,000th chassis for its British customer Rolls-Royce. The aluminum chassis serve as a housing for the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) for several engine families. This computer is integrated into the aircraft engine. It controls and monitors its performance. The project had started in 2018 with the definition of the components and the homologation of Liebherr Aerospace Brasil by Rolls-Royce.

“We are very proud of this milestone because we know about the importance of Rolls-Royce in the aerospace market, and having been selected by Rolls-Royce is a testament of our competence to produce highly complex components in best quality,” said Matthias Flach, responsible for Liaison Management and Sales at Liebherr Aerospace Brasil.

Liebherr has been producing aerospace components in Brazil since 2005. Liebherr Aerospace Brasil specializes in precision machining, surface treatment and the assembly of high-tech components for flight control and actuation systems, air management systems and aircraft landing gear as well as for other applications. These components are used in a large number of aircraft programs on both the Brazilian and international market.