News | 03/23/2020 Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil Enhances its Competitiveness

Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil achieved a new milestone in the development of the company: from now on, when supplying parts to third party customers, the company will manage its supply chain and will hence increase its control over the share of its performance and of its competitiveness that is linked with its suppliers.

Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil facility in Guaratinguetá

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Initially founded as a pure machining sub-contractor, Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil gradually expanded in the past the scope of its capabilities, by adding assembly of sub-components, painting and surface treatment. This enabled it to substantially enlarge its capacity to serve its customers’ needs.

The company now completed one significant additional step for parts supplied to third-party customers by building up the ability to select and manage suppliers, both domestic and international.

Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil is now fully positioned as a full-scope supplier of complex machined sub-assemblies to serve customers in and outside Brazil.