Press releases | 11/25/2015 Liebherr 85 EC-B 5i Flat-Top Crane at Excon 2015

  • This crane model is being assembled at Liebherr's Pune (India) plant since 2012
  • Ideal crane for inner-city operation
  • Max. load capacity is 5,000kg, lifting capacity with max. radius of 50 m is 1,300kg

At Excon 2015 in Bengaluru, Liebherr is presenting the 85 EC-B 5i Flat-Top crane. This crane model is being assembled at Liebherr's Pune plant since 2012. The 85 EC B 5i has the potential to exceed the 71 EC-B, currently Liebherr's most popular model in India, which offers widely similar specifications. The 85 EC-B 5i has a maximum load capacity of 5,000kg and can lift 1,300kg at the jib end, up to a maximum working radius of 50m.

When the 85 EC-B 5i was developed, the emphasis was not only on the superstructure but also on the low-width 85 LC tower system, which has been optimally matched to the new crane and has new pin connectors among the many features that qualify it ideally for inner-city operation.

A typical problem when working in town and city centres is limited space. A decisive advantage is that the dimensions of all the assemblies of the new 85 EC-B 5i are so compact. The new 85 LC tower system has a cross-section of only 1.2 x 1.2m, which simplifies both transportation and erecting work if the inner-city site is small or access is difficult. The 85 EC B 5i City Crane can be erected quickly and safely in just about every gap in the building line.

The 85 LC tower system consists of 11.7m, 5.85m or 3.9m tower sections, with a tower base element 12.0m long. The 3.9m long climbing tower section is highly versatile, and can be used inside or outside the building. The 85 LC tower can climb to extreme heights when used outside the building. If other structures prevent this, the new climbing tower can be installed in an elevator shaft.

The 22-kW hoist gear, which is standard equipment, permits lifting heights up to 278m. The maximum free-standing height under the hook is 46.2 m.

Connecting pins that can be inserted in either direction are a very practical feature, especially when the 85 LC tower has to be erected or taken down in an elevator shaft where room to manoeuvre is limited. The pins can be inserted and removed from the inside or outside. Pin magazines installed in each tower and jib section also ensure efficient erection. The pins are always accessible during erecting work and can be stored conveniently for transport after removal.

The 85 EC-B 5i, like all Liebherr Flat-Top Cranes, features Liebherr’s "Connect and Work" erecting technology as well as the patented LiConnect jib connector and electrical connections for the drives and switchgear.