News | 09/22/2020 Liebherr “drives” the world’s highest fire engine turntable ladders

Working at heights does not only require strong nerves, but also highly reliable equipment. Whether rescuing people from high-rise buildings using turntable ladder or positioning heavy loads above and on the rooftops, there is no time to think twice. Therefore, the manufacturers of special vehicles, such as fire trucks for example, pay particular attention to precision and accuracy when handling ladders, baskets, forks, booms or telescopic arms.

Liebherr slewing drives offer accuracy and precision in motion, always where it really matters.

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This is exactly where Liebherr slewing drives come into play. Having proven themselves in operation for over ten years, they ensure the reliable movement of equipment, for example of the world's highest turntable ladder with a working height of up to 68 metres. Drives with high positioning accuracy and power transmission ensure precise control.

Smooth operation and power density: That is what it is all about

“The stability of a boom gains in importance as the height increases. Working 21 metres above the ground becomes an issue, particularly if the drive rotates the fire engine ladder is not backlash-free", explains Enrico Menozzi, Head of Sales Europe Drive Technology at Liebherr Components Biberach GmbH (Germany).

Such precision is possible thanks to the three-stage drives developed and produced by Liebherr Components at its Biberach site. Compared to single-stage solutions, the three-stage drives by Liebherr enable a smoother movement of the boom. The design principle ensures uniform load balance across the individual stages, providing for higher power density. All sun and planetary gears are optimised to lower the circumferential backlash. Additionally, an integrated multi-disk brake ensures the stability of the ladder, even when the engine is switched off, which also benefits personal safety. Axial piston motors with higher speed provide further tension between the drive and the slewing bearing to avoid backlash. Here, Liebherr relies on its experience as a specialist in gear technology and expertise in the development of slewing drives for own mobile applications. This is exactly what allows Liebherr to offer a solution with guaranteed precision, stability, high safety standards and power density.