News | 09/19/2017 LB 44 drilling rig begins work on Kuala Lumpur project

HS 855 HD and HS 8100 HD working on the trench excavation, while the LB 36 bores a pile hole.

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Malaysian foundations and geotechnical specialist Aneka Jaringan Sdn Bhd is using a newly delivered Liebherr LB 44-510 rotary drilling rig, the biggest and most powerful drilling rig in the Liebherr range, for pile boring on the Sentral Suites project in Kuala Lumpur. The LB 44 is working alongside a new Liebherr LB 36 rig, the second largest machine in the range. Also part of the Liebherr fleet on the site are two duty cycle crawler cranes, an HS 8100 HD and an HS 855 HD, which are being used for slurry wall trenching. The two crawler cranes are being used to excavate 600 m of slurry wall that surrounds part of the site, with the two rotary drilling rigs boring the holes for 366 piles.

Loke Kien Tuck, director of Aneka Jaringan, explains that both the LB 44 and the LB 36 are boring to depths of a maximum 35 m, with the maximum pile diameter being 1.8 m. “Because of the local regulations the site can work only between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm,” he says. “We therefore have to work quickly, and the two machines are proving to be very fast.”