News | 09/08/2020 Latest innovations of Liebherr at “International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference 2020”

Liebherr electrical turbo-compressor

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The hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology becomes more and more important everywhere in the world – and Liebherr is part of it. At this year’s fifth "International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference” this topic will also play a major role at the Liebherr-booth.

The conference will take place in the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center on September 14th to 16th, 2020. Liebherr will seize this opportunity to show at its booth A03 some of its latest innovations in the field of fuel cell technology.

Amongst them, the company will present its new double-stage electrical compressor with on-board electronics. This double stage compressor uses the same power electronics as existing single stage compressors. Based on the modular product range developed by Liebherr, it allows extended performances and therefore offers new possibilities. Automobile manufacturers can thus benefit from cost and compactness advantages.

Beyond that, Liebherr will showcase an electric turbo-compressor. The motorized compressor is not only very robust, efficient and reliable but also complies with the various other requirements of fuel cell systems for the automotive industry like reduced noise emissions.