Press releases | 04/03/2018 It's all about the mix – Liebherr crawler crane erects mixing plant

  • LR 11000 crawler crane installs a silo for a Liebherr concrete mixing plant
  • Used without derrick jib due to space constraints
  • Modern mixing plant installed for very high quality concrete types

A Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane operated by heavy haulage and transport contractor Emil Egger AG installed a silo with a capacity of 470 cubic metres in Oberriet, a Swiss municipality on the border with Austria. The Betomat 5/470 mixing plant it installed is also manufactured by the Liebherr Group.

Almost finished – the Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane places the 130 tonne silo on the base unit for the new mixing plant.

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XXL shackle – Michael Egger and his team secure the massive lifting equipment before the hoist.

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Enormous – the profile of the largest crane in Switzerland is an imposing sight. A total of 220 tonnes ballast provides the crane with all the stability it needs.

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The crawler crane operated by Emil Egger AG meant that what is currently the most powerful crane in the whole of Switzerland with a maximum lifting capacity of 1000 tonnes was used for the job. Managing Director Michael Egger explained the reason for using such a powerful crane to handle a gross load of 140 tonnes with a maximum radius of 16 metres. "The benefit of our solution was that using the LR 11000 for this job meant that a derrick jib was not required as would have been the case if a 500 tonne crawler crane had been used. That would have presented a massive problem as a result of the extremely constricted space available", explained Egger.

Installation work made more difficult by frost and snow

But even in this configuration with the 54-metre main boom, there was very little space for the crawler crane to slew through 180 degrees. A gap of just a few centimetres was left between the turntable ballast on the crawler crane and the Liebherr bottom-slewing crane on the site. After the slewing process, the crawler gear on the LR 11000 also had to cover a distance of eight metres before the ready-assembled, 15 metre high silo with a net weight of around 130 tonnes could be placed on the plant's base unit. The Liebherr crane specialists and assembly team had to withstand sub-zero temperatures and driving snow to complete this work.

The Liebherr Betomat 5/470 mixing plant in a tower design was installed for Sigmund Sieber AG in Oberriet, Switzerland. Up to 470 cubic metres of aggregates can be stored in the round silo. The special feature of this mixing plant is that it is fitted with the new RIV-2.5-D ring-pan mixer. This mixing system allows variable speeds to be set for the main mixing unit and the agitator tools can be adjusted independently of each other. The plant can mix even the most challenging types of concrete. It means that Sieber is now fully equipped for every possible requirement in the future.


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