Press releases | 09/06/2016 SMM 2016: Innovative system solutions for lifting applications in the maritime sector

  • Liebherr offers individual components and system solutions for lifting systems in maritime applications
  • Components for a wide range of integration options from gearboxes through to complete lifting systems
  • Demonstration of hoisting winch systems at SMM 2016 in Hamburg

At the international trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology (SMM) in Hamburg, the Liebherr Components division will be demonstrating its expertise in hoisting winch systems, focusing on maritime applications.

Winch systems from Liebherr for maritime applications

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The individual components of a rope winch system are perfectly matched and can be expanded into complete system solutions. Depending on requirements, the customer can flexibly select different degrees of integration – Liebherr offers components from plug-in planetary gearboxes through to complete lifting systems with a comprehensive range of intermediate specifications. In addition, many options are available – end position limit switches on rope windings are possible, as are secondary safety brakes on rope drums. Both electric and hydraulic drives are available. The key components of a rope winch system, such as rope drums, gearboxes, hydraulic and electric motors, frequency converters and switchgear are developed and manufactured in Liebherr’s own facilities. This underlines the extraordinary range of components in Liebherr’s portfolio.

All components have been approved through many years of application. Hoisting winch systems are used in the maritime sector, for example in container cranes, mobile harbour cranes, ship and offshore cranes. The components are also applied in a variety of other equipment, such as mobile and crawler cranes, tower cranes, civil engineering and drilling equipment, hoists in the steel and extraction industries and in mining.

Winch system kits: Short development time and flexible in use

In addition to winches for specific projects, Liebherr develops, in cooperation with customers, individual modular rope winch systems, so that customers can assemble winches flexibly to suit various needs without long development times. “Such a winch system kit is already successfully in use,” explains Johannes Weiland, Sales Manager for Construction Machinery and Maritime at Liebherr-Components AG. “In close cooperation with one of our customers we have developed a winch kit for three different electrical power categories. The winches differ not only in electrical power but also in their installed position, which can be at the bottom, center or top of the application. With a 3x3 matrix, that is to say nine different winch systems, virtually all the customer’s applications can be configured efficiently,” Weiland says.

Liebherr’s lifting systems are subject to the most stringent quality requirements. Optimised sealing systems are used, as well as specific surface protection, to prevent corrosion in demanding applications in the maritime sector. Through the application of top coating Liebherr fulfills the regulation for C5-M corrosion protection in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944. For certifications required by the industry, Liebherr looks back on longstanding cooperation with classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register, the American Bureau of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas / Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas and others.


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