News | 04/14/2019 In with the new! Employer films celebrate premiere at Bauma

Last year Liebherr shot several films for its new image as an employer. Not released up to now, the clips celebrated their premiere today at Bauma and were shown to the public for the first time – on a screen measuring 87 square metres, twelve metres wide and seven metres high.

Service technician Jörg Schürkämper at the premiere of his own video clip at Bauma.

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From July to November Liebherr travelled around the world to shoot videos for its new image as an employer. Videos were created with the Liebherr Group’s own employees from a total of eight different locations. They show what makes working at Liebherr so special. From the student at Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH in Lindau to the commercial manager in Toulouse, various target groups are covered in the 90-second clips. Liebherr service technician Jörg Schürkämper from Dortmund also got his own clip, which he looked at in amazement on the massive LED walls during the premiere at Bauma: “It’s crazy to see yourself so big on a screen, but also good at the same time! The video summarises exactly what makes up my work as a service technician for Liebherr: fascinating technology every day and a strong team behind me!”

The other video clips will be gradually added to the Liebherr homepage under the Careers section and show why working at Liebherr is never boring.