News | 09/20/2016 In the very centre of Lyon, a mobile crane lifts two Liebherr crawler excavators for demolition work

A Liebherr mobile crane with a maximum load capacity of 1.200 tons was deployed to perform such a difficult task.

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This summer, Cardem, a French demolition company, brought their Liebherr crawler excavators R 944 C and R 954 C to their operation site by lifting them with a Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 mobile crane of the company SE Levage. No other than by air, the demolition machinery could access the construction site.

The saying “special tasks require individual solutions” as well applies to demolition work on urban construction sites in restrained places.

On “Place Bellecour”, a square right in Lyon’s city center, the demolition company Cardem moved their crawler excavators for demolition work with a Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 mobile crane, lifting them onto a courtyard. On their operation site, the R 944 C and the R 954 C did demolition works for the large-scale remediation project of Lyon’s Catholic University.

The major project of lifting the heavy machinery had to be meticulously planned by TECMAT, the authorized local dealer. To ensure maximum security, TECMAT provided different elements to make the excavators attachable to the crane. In order to reduce the machine’s weight during the lifting process, the counterbalance and the equipment of the R 954 C were dismantled.

The crawler excavators R 944 C and R 954 C for demolition work are developed and produced by Liebherr-France SAS. The company is based in Colmar, where they produce the Liebherr corporate group’s crawler excavators with operating weights from 18 to 100 tons.