News | 01/15/2024 In just seven years: Liebherr Aerospace Saline has serviced 25,000 heat transfer equipment units

The Liebherr-Aerospace team in Saline proudly presents the 25,000th heat transfer equipment part it has serviced.

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The employees at Liebherr Aerospace Saline, Inc. in Michigan (USA) have reason to celebrate: Recently, the team has serviced and overhauled the 25,000th heat transfer equipment unit. These are key parts of the aircraft's air-conditioning system.

"Our team consists of top specialists in maintaining, repairing and overhauling environmental control and thermal management systems," explains Jochen Faber, Managing Director Operations at Liebherr Aerospace Saline, Inc. "Our site was set up specifically for the MRO sector. More than 80 employees work hand in hand here - from welders and technicians to colleagues in final inspection and our warehouse. Every single one of them has contributed to our big success as a service location. Many thanks to all for their tireless commitment and the enthusiasm with which they go about their work every day."

Heat transfer equipment parts have been repaired in Saline since 2016. As part of the repair process, the Liebherr team uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies such as robotic welding and non-contact, precise measurement technology using 3D laser scanning.

However, it is not only heat transfer equipment components that Liebherr-Aerospace supports in the U.S.: Services for entire environmental control and thermal management systems, flight control and actuation systems as well as for landing gear components are carried out too.

The team in Saline also assembles Liebherr OEM flight control components that are on board fixed and rotor wing aircraft.