Press releases | 10/06/2017 I.V. Guindastes buys used LR 1600/2-W crawler crane for erecting wind turbines from Liebherr

  • I.V. Guindastes erects with used Liebherr LR 1600/2-W crawler crane wind turbines in Brazil
  • The LR 1600/2-W crawler crane on narrow crawler travel gear is perfect for wind farm jobs
  • Liebherr guarantees maximum safety even for used cranes

New paintwork, new owner, tried and tested quality. Brazilian crane rental company I.V. Guindastes has bought a used LR 1600/2-W crawler crane from Liebherr. The crane on narrow crawler travel gear is ideal for erecting wind turbines and will now work for one and a half years in a wind farm in Brazil.

The used Liebherr LR 1600/2-W crawler crane operated by I.V. Guindastes hoists the 65 tonne rotor star.

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With its 5.8 m wide crawler travel gear, the fully equipped LR 1600/2-W is perfect for the narrow tracks in wind farms. The crane supports are extended for hoisting work.

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An LTM 1400-7.1 operated by I.V. Guindastes erects the concrete towers in the wind farm.

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"In addition to the price, the fast availability is one of the main arguments for buying used cranes as far as we are concerned", explains Igor Boff, co-owner of I.V. Guindastes. After inspecting the mechanical and electrical components of the LR 1600/2-W, which was built in 2012, the crawler crane was completely repainted by the customer. I.V. Guindastes has also bought two used Liebherr LTM 1100-4.2 mobile cranes this year.

Liebherr has a large selection of used mobile and crawler cranes. A crane expert inspects every machine thoroughly before it is sold to ensure that even used cranes deliver maximum safety. The expansion of the wind industry in Brazil is making strides and the prospects for the next few years are also good.

The LR 1600/2-W bought by I.V. Guindastes is now erecting wind turbines for Wobben Enercon in João Camara in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. Igor Boff describes the benefits of this crane model: "The Liebherr crawler crane has a very functional design and is economical to use. Its track width of just 5.8 metres makes it ideal for travelling on narrow tracks in wind farms and it also delivers very good lifting capacity values." The crane hoisted for example a 65 tonne rotor star in a single hoist to a height of 97 metres.

I.V. Guindastes has expanded its fleet with this used crawler crane to a total of 25 mobile and crawler cranes. "We already use two Liebherr LR 1600/2-W cranes. The narrow track crawler crane will be an excellent addition to our fleet because we can exchange the additional equipment between the machines," says Igor Boff. 18 of the cranes in the I.V. Guindastes fleet bear the Liebherr name. The company purchased its first Liebherr crane in 1994. Igor Boff describes the long term business relationship: "The relationship has always been based on a close partnership. Liebherr is a solid, reliable company that provides us with the security we need." I.V. Guindastes and its 150-strong workforce attaches a great deal of value to efficiency, safety and quality – in its work, machines and in the company as a whole.


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