News | 04/07/2016 Homologation of surface treatment and non-destructive testing at Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil Ltda.

Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil Ltda., Guaratinguetá (Brazil) has recently received the homologation by aircraft manufacturer Embraer and its subsidiary ELEB to perform additional processes in its scope of production. These processes include cleaning of metallic parts, non-destructive testing (inspection by penetrant liquid) as well as surface treatment including anodizing (protection of aluminum against corrosion), chromate conversion coating, steel passivation, priming, painting and coating.

Rogério Gimenez, Plant Manager of Liebherr-Aerospace Brasil Ltda., stated: “The homologation enables us to reduce our manufacturing lead times. We deliver now completed products to the assembly lines of Embraer and ELEB, and are happy to thus contribute to enhance the performance of our customers’ supply chain.”

Liebherr Aerospace Brasil Ltda., founded in 2005, specializes in the precision- machining, surface treatment and assembly of high-tech parts for landing gear, flight control and air management systems for a wide array of commercial aircraft, business jets, military aircraft and helicopters. It employs a total of around 290 people in production, design, procurement, quality control and in administration.