Press releases | 09/05/2019 Highest levels of productivity: Liebherr presents two wheel loaders at Maxpo 2019

  • L 550 XPower® with industrial linkage.
  • XPower® as innovative machine concept with power-split transmission at its heart
  • New L 507 Stereoloader as second wheel loader at Maxpo

At Maxpo 2019, Liebherr exhibits an L 550 XPower® from its latest large wheel loader generation. Liebherr XPower® is an integrated, innovative machine concept that sets new standards in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, robust design and comfort. At the heart of the XPower® wheel loader is the power-split drivetrain, which Liebherr fits as standard for these machines.

The new Stereoloader L 507 at Maxpo is presented in Speeder version. In this version, it reaches a maximum speed of 38 km/h.

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The Liebherr L 550 XPower® can handle both short and long distances as well as driving on gradients with maximum efficiency. The high performance of the machine boosts operational productivity.

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Liebherr presents its smallest XPower® wheel loader, the L 550 XPower® with industrial linkage, at its booth. Depending on the configuration of the machine, the tipping load of the more than 18.5 t heavy L 550 XPower® with industrial linkage amounts to around 11.1 t. The XPower® wheel loaders meet the requirements of companies from the widest variety of sectors. For example, an important field of application is the recycling industry, where operators place particularly high demands on the machines. Reliability is of the utmost importance as wheel loaders in recycling operations frequently play key roles in the production process.

Liebherr’s second wheel loader at Maxpo is the recently introduced L 507 Speeder, a representative of the latest generation of Liebherr’s well-proven Stereoloaders. The L 507 excels with numerous innovations, such as the new Z-unit bar linkage and the spacious driver’s cab. Powerful components and innovative diagonal cooling provide a high level of reliability. For operations requiring longer driving distances, Liebherr offers the option ‘Speeder’. This allows the L 507 to reach a maximum speed of 38 km/h, enabling operators to save time by moving their Stereoloader from one site to the next efficiently.

Liebherr XPower® driveline: maximum efficiency, whatever the application

The XPower® drivetrain delivers performance and efficiency for the Liebherr XPower® wheel loaders. The drive concept combines a hydrostatic drive with a mechanical drive. The hydrostatic driveline is the most efficient type of drive for loading operations over short distances. The mechanical drive is the most powerful and efficient option for travelling over long distances and driving up gradients.

The power-split transmission of the XPower® wheel loaders makes it possible to combine the two types of drive. It is variable and continuously adapts the mixing ratio of the two drive paths automatically. Thanks to the power-split drive, the wheel loader is always optimally powered to ensure maximum productivity, whatever the application. This results in fuel savings of up to 30 per cent in comparison with conventionally-driven wheel loaders.

As Liebherr offers the power-split drivetrain as standard, the designers were able to develop all other components in line with the drive concept of the XPower® wheel loader. The tried and tested Liebherr-Power-Efficiency system (LPE) plays a key role: it proactively controls all components in real time to achieve maximum possible efficiency. It is this special optimisation that enables the XPower® generation to achieve such outstanding fuel savings resulting in considerable operating cost savings for the operator.


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